11 Vegan Halloween Candies to Add to Your Trick-or-Treat Bowl

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bhg – $5 Available at Target

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bhg – $1 Available at Walmart

bhg – $1 Available at Walmart

The best part about Halloween isn’t the pumpkins or the cute costumes, it’s the candy. But for those with dietary restrictions, reaching into the candy bowl can be less fun when you’re not sure what you can comfortably eat. If you’re in search of vegan Halloween candy this season, you’re in luck because there are dozens of tasty options that are commonly found in trick-or-treat mixes.

Since most sugar is vegan, you’ll want to reach for a candy that doesn’t contain any dairy or other animal ingredients (this means no chocolate!). You’ll also need to steer clear of gelatin, which is often made from animal parts.

Even if you’re not following a vegan or vegetarian diet, consider adding these vegan candies to your candy dish this year so everyone can participate in the tasty tradition.

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Here are some of the most popular vegan Halloween candy options to eat and hand out this year.


One of our favorite sweet treats also happens to be a vegan Halloween candy! Skittles used to contain gelatin, but the brand stopped using it over a decade ago.

Buy It: Skittles Originals ($5, Target)


These strawberry-flavored twists are a fan favorite on the candy aisle, and the chewy treat is completely animal-free.

Buy It: Twizzlers ($2, Walmart)

Sour Patch Kids

This vegan Halloween candy starts out sour, but the sweet part is that these little guys don’t contain any animal ingredients.

Buy It: Sour Patch Kids ($5, Target)


Whether you eat these tiny treats individually or chomp on the whole roll at once, you can indulge guilt-free. They’re also gluten-free and nut-free.

Buy It: Smarties Originals ($7, Walmart)


Typically chewy, gummy treats are made with gelatin (a no-no for a vegan diet), but these bite-size candies are completely free of animal ingredients, so you can indulge in a whole box!

Buy It: Dots ($1, Target)


Individually-wrapped Airheads are also a popular choice in Halloween candy mixes, but they’re totally safe for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Buy It: Airheads ($8, Walmart)


All Dum-Dums lollipops are completely vegan, so you can happily enjoy whichever flavor ends up in your (or your kids’) trick-or-treat bag this year.

Buy It: Dum-Dums ($4, Walmart)

Jolly Ranchers

The classic Jolly Rancher treats are free from animal-based products, making them a tasty vegan Halloween candy. And the brightly-colored hard candies aren’t the only things we’ll be snacking on this season; the Jolly Rancher brand lollipops and jelly beans are vegan as well.

Buy It: Jolly Ranchers ($3, Target)

Swedish Fish

Another gummy-like candy that doesn’t actually contain gelatin, Swedish Fish are one of our favorites. While all the flavors are gelatin-free, we think the original is best!

Buy It: Swedish Fish ($1, Walmart)

Hubba Bubba

You’re almost guaranteed to get a few pieces of Hubba Bubba bubblegum while out trick-or-treating, but the pink gum is totally vegan so you can pop them in your mouth right away.

Buy It: Hubba Bubba Bubblegum ($1, Walmart)


Nothing beats the thrill of finding a pink or purple box of Nerds in your Halloween candy haul. While the strawberry nerds may have traces of camine (a food dye made from insects), the grape flavor is totally vegan.

Buy It: Nerds ($15, Walmart)