14 Unique & Thoughtful Gifts For The Classic Car Collector

We have put together a list of the most thoughtful gifts for the classic car collector, that is sure to add to their collection and will show that you care.

From Ford Mustangs to Porsche 911s, auto enthusiasts have collected cars for decades. If you have a car lover in your life, you already know their adoration is boundless. When the next birthday, holiday, or anniversary comes around, you’ll want to give them a meaningful present that suits their interests.

With that in mind, here are several ideas so you can show your appreciation.

Apparel and Accessories

Every car lover needs a way to rep their favorite brand. There’s also an essence of style involved when you own a classic car. If you want thoughtful gifts to spruce up your recipient’s wardrobe, you should check out a few options listed below.

Vintage Culture Apparel by Honda

Whether your loved one enjoys Honda’s vehicles or not, you can’t help but appreciate their vintage apparel collection. Inspired by the company’s rich history, Honda provides enthusiasts with hats and shirts with a vintage look and feel. This line is perfect for car lovers.

Leather Driving Gloves

Thoughtful Gifts For The Classic Car Collector
Saks Fifth Avenue | $190

Elevate your friend’s driving experience with leather driving gloves. These accessories are perfect for fall and winter car rides. Additionally, drivers can better handle their treasured classic car with their new gloves. That’s always a bonus.

A Pair of Sunglasses

Help your loved one look fashionable in their vehicle with a new pair of sunglasses. A choice like the Clubmasters from Ray-Ban is the perfect pick for our thoughtful gifts list. The polarized lenses reduce glare, boost clarity, and provide other driving benefits. Choose from various colors and materials.

A Key Cover

A durable key cover made with leather makes perfect sense for car enthusiasts. Traditional key chains and rings can be clunky and noisy, so collectors will love to have a dedicated spot to store the key for their favorite car. Look into monogramming for a stylish touch.

Collectibles and Art

From model cars to art pieces, car enthusiasts can channel their love for their vehicles through different mementos. These thoughtful gifts items will be perfect for their home. Check out three ideas for collectibles and art.

A Model Car Kit

Sometimes, you can’t own your dream car. That’s why model cars are a fantastic alternative. These art projects not only give collectors a closer look at their favorite models, but they’re also able to de-stress and relax. It’s an ideal hobby for every car enthusiast.

A Coffee Table Book

“A Man and His Car” by Matt Hranek is a wonderful addition to any car lover’s coffee table. The book is packed with interviews from celebrities about their love for cars, so your loved one won’t be able to stop reading. There’s also gorgeous imagery of American- and foreign-made vehicles.

License Plate City Skyline Art Piece

Pay homage to your friend’s city with an art piece made from recycled license plates. This item is perfect for our thoughtful gifts list and would be a fantastic addition to their home or garage. The available options range from New York City to Seattle, so you should be able to find a meaningful city.


A big part of the appeal behind classic cars is the vintage look and feel. However, older models lack the modern conveniences that newer models feature. If you want to help your recipient incorporate some technology into their prized possession, you have various options.

A Wireless Car Phone Charger

Many new cars come with built-in phone chargers. Clearly, classic cars don’t, so your recipient may have to keep a separate gadget handy so their phone stays at 100% battery. A wireless charger they can mount on their dash will eliminate disruptive wires.

A Bluetooth Key Tracker

If your recipient prefers to keep their keys all in one place, you can help them stay safe with a key tracker. This Bluetooth-enabled pick called Tile pairs with their phone, so they know where their keys are at all times. Help them avoid a lost key so they can enjoy their car more.

A Portable Tea Maker

The car lover in mind might be hesitant to take drinks in their vehicle. If your friend likes to drink hot beverages such as tea, you could present them with a portable tea maker. It comes in a secure container, so they won’t have to worry about spillage. Instead, they’ll be able to steep tea leaves at their convenience, which means they can focus on the road.

Equipment and Gear

Most classic car collectors love to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. That’s why equipment and gear can make perfect presents. Some gadgets can improve their experience in their car, so they’ll always have fun on the road.

A Portable Cooler

What’s better than a road trip to the beach or mountains? People who like to travel in their classic cars would appreciate a small cooler they can keep in the trunk. This way, they’re able to keep drinks and food chilled for hours.

A Mechanic’s Tool Set

Does your loved one want to learn how to work on their classic cars, too? If so, they’ll need their very own mechanic’s toolset. Gift them a kit they can store in their garage or trunk so they always have their equipment handy. Then, they can work and rework to their heart’s content.

A Cordless Tire Inflator

Don’t let your friend find themselves stuck on the road with a flat tire. This cordless inflator machine fits in their trunk perfectly. Then, whenever they need to add some air, they can easily break out the tool to fix the issue. It’s also useful for inflating rafts and other items.

Stain and Odor Remover

If you plan to put together a gift basket for your favorite classic car collector, you should include a stain and odor remover. These sprays are perfect to have on hand in the garage so they can keep their seats and dashboards clean. This pick from TriNova contains natural ingredients, so they won’t have to worry about damage.

Browse These Thoughtful Gifts for the Vehicle Enthusiast in Your Life

No matter what classic car your loved one owns, you can support their love for their vehicles with thoughtful gifts. From vintage car shirts to wireless phone chargers, endless options exist for car enthusiasts. These choices can be your go-to for every birthday and holiday to come.

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