5 Disadvantages of Having Too Many Choices

Is Too Much Choice a Bad Thing? | Inc.com

We make choices every day of our lives. As human beings, we need to make choices. Not making choices, especially the right ones, can affect a person’s life. Someone can decide to go to the mall to shop instead of shopping online and getting items delivered at the comfort of his/her home. It is a choice!

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Apart from not making choices or accurate ones, the danger of having too many choices to pick from is another enormous task facing people. For instance, a family wanting to travel for vacation has many options to choose from. There could be a misunderstanding within the family if everyone has a choice of where they feel is the best place to visit.

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Here are some disadvantages of having too many to choose from.

  1. Paralysis

Having plenty of choices to pick from can lead someone not to decide at all. All the options before you look appealing. You don’t know which to choose or pick from. This often leads to paralysis. You get stuck and end up not making or taking any decision at all.

  1. Confusion

Your choice of action stems from what you want or need or think most appropriate for you. When the options before you are too many, you can get confused. When all the options look appealing to you, it could lead you into making bad choices.


  1. Time Wasting

When you dwell much on all the options available to you, it leads to overthinking. You want to look at all the options closely to see all the pros and cons. This wastes time because you take long in deciding.

  1. Lack of Focus

Having too many choices to pick from distracts you from focusing on what is more important to you. When you lose focus because of the many possibilities to choose from, you could make the wrong decision. Our decisions affect our lives either positively or negatively.

  1. Keeps You Under Pressure

Most times when saddled with the responsibility of choosing from a pool of options, it’s mostly under pressure. While under pressure you lose focus, get confused, paralysis sets in and you end up picking the wrong option.

Choices are a part of our human existence. You must make a choice. To breathe is a choice. A person on the verge of dying struggles to keep breathing. To be alive is a choice. People who commit suicide have decided to stop living—they choose to stop breathing. In making choices, never lose sight of why you need to do so and how this will affect your life. And even the lives of other people around you.


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