Affiliate Marketing Ebook – Using Ebook to Market Your Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing ebook is one of the best ways to market your affiliate business. Affiliate links can be strategically integrated into the content of your ebook, which will result in a higher click through rate.

Let me just share with you the reasons why using ebook to market your affiliate business is beneficial to you:

1. Viral marketing. You can set your ebook as a give-away product once your subscribers have downloaded your book, as long as the keep the content intact. In this way, if your ebook is good enough, he or she will recommend your ebook to his or her friends, with all your affiliate links inside of it.

2. Warm selling. People love free information. When you allow people to download your ebook for free, you are giving away free information to them. In your ebook, as you provide valuable information to your reader, you can also recommend affiliate products that will be beneficial to your readers at that point of time. Without direct selling, your reader will most likely to click on the link and check out the products that you are recommending.

3. Capturing of readers’ information. Before they can download your ebook, they will need to provide their first name and email address first. As you know in affiliate business, if you want to be a “super affiliate”, you will need to build a list around the particular industry that you are promoting. So with your free ebook, you will be able to build your list, as well as to market your affiliate products at the same time.

4. Building credential. If you report is good enough, your reputation in the particular industry that you are promoting will grow. This will prove very important when you are recommending a particular product in the future.

Using ebook to market your affiliate business is sure a win-win-win tactic. Spend some time and effort to create a good free report and start distributing it now.

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