Afghanistan unprepared for Taliban onslaught, US ‘irresponsible,’ important warlord suggests

A highly effective warlord in northern Afghanistan and a important U.S. ally in the 2001 defeat of the Taliban blames a fractious Afghan government and an “irresponsible” American departure for the insurgents’ the latest immediate territorial gains throughout the north.


Ata Mohammad Noor, who is among the individuals guiding the most current try to halt the Taliban advances by generating much more militias, instructed The Affiliated Push that the Afghan armed forces is poorly demoralized. He stated Washington’s swift exit still left the Afghan military services logistically unprepared for the Taliban onslaught.

In an interview at his opulent household in Mazar-e-Sharif, the key metropolis of the north, he reported that even he had not anticipated the Taliban’s immediate wins, especially in nearby Badakhshan province in the country’s northeast corner.

“It was astonishing for me that in 24 hrs, 19 districts of Badakhshan were being surrendered without a fight,” said Noor.

He explained in some locations the Taliban had been small in quantity, probably even far too couple to capture a district, nevertheless the armed forces handed about their weapons and remaining. Stories and pictures greatly shared on social media exhibit some govt officials in the provincial funds of Faizabad boarding just one of the very last commercial flights to Kabul. The Afghan capital remains in government palms.

The 57-year-aged Noor is a single of the powerhouse gamers as Afghanistan enters what quite a few anxiety will be a chaotic new chapter, with the ultimate withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops. He commands a own militia with countless numbers of fighters. After the governor of Balkh province, wherever Mazar-e-Sharif is the cash, he successfully nevertheless runs the province. As head of Jamiat-e-Islami, just one of Afghanistan’s strongest get-togethers, he wields impact throughout the north.

Although nominally united in opposition to the Taliban, he and other warlords are typically bitter rivals. With the authorities weak and the insurgents attaining, the opportunity for violent fragmentation is significant.


The Taliban’s capture of most of the distant Badakhshan province is specifically important for the reason that the north has traditionally been the domain of the U.S.-allied warlords. It was the only province that didn’t appear under Taliban handle through the group’s 1996-2001 rule. It was after a Jamiat-e-Islami stronghold, the household province of 1 of Noor’s predecessors as its chief, Burhanuddin Rabbani, killed by a suicide bomber in 2011.

The insurgents now declare handle in excess of additional than a 3rd of the 421 districts and district facilities throughout Afghanistan. They have also captured a number of border crossings with Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, opening up opportunity revenues for the Taliban and chopping critical transportation routes. The Islam Qala border crossing with Iran was the hottest to tumble to the Taliban, on Thursday.

Noor was severe in his criticism of the fractious Afghan leadership, declaring it generally left the military without the need of reinforcements in struggle or even meals and erratically paid soldiers’ salaries. He claimed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani rules with a coterie of four men and women, a reference to the president’s significantly decreased interior circle.

U.S. President Joe Biden defended the withdrawal in a speech Thursday and explained it would be finished by Aug. 31. He urged greater unity among the Afghanistan’s management, saying The usa has specified the Afghan govt the weapons, training and applications to maintain alone.

“The Afghan governing administration, management has to occur collectively,” Biden stated. “They have the capacity. They have the forces. They have the products. The dilemma is will they do it?”

Nevertheless, Noor explained the signals of a dispirited armed service predated Biden’s mid-April announcement that the U.S. was ending its “endlessly war,” noting that Afghan military recruitment was presently down by 60% and corruption was prevalent.

“We advised the govt then that they experienced to work on the morale of the armed forces, they had to be unified, but they did not hear,” he explained.


Noor also criticized the Afghan government’s fighting method, stating the Afghan Countrywide Protection and Defense forces’ leadership has overused its elite commando models. He stated this included sending them into struggle with no suitable preparations for reinforcements and re-materials, as nicely as purchasing them to keep checkpoints, a work they are not intended to do. Commandos ended up also not provided right rest, he said.

While the Afghan air force has well-experienced pilots, Noor stated the fleet was overused and underneath-maintained. As a consequence “most of the planes are back again on the floor. They are unable to fly and most of them are out of ammunition,” he reported.

Noor also slammed the swift U.S. departure as irresponsible. Even though Afghanistan appreciated the income and manpower The usa invested in the region, it did absolutely nothing to make Afghanistan self-adequate, he reported.

“We needed factories to deliver our individual ammunition and workshops to maintenance the aircraft and other cars that had been provided to the Afghan forces,” mentioned Noor. “But the worldwide forces did not perform to create a basis, a self-sufficiency in Afghanistan.”

Previously this 12 months as the Taliban attained momentum, Noor was one particular of the first to push for the creation of new militias, contacting it a “people’s uprising.” Very last month, the federal government released a mobilization software, aiding arm and finance volunteers below area commanders.

Noor said the new militias are wanted as substantially to aid bolster army morale as combat the Taliban.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the dangers. In the 1990s, militias and warlords — together with Noor — fought a civil war that wreaked devastation on Kabul, killed some 50,000 people today and helped gasoline the Taliban’s increase.

“There is a true probability of a civil war. This is a extremely unsafe risk,” he stated. He warned it would be stoked by Afghanistan’s neighbors — Pakistan, Iran, Russia and India — all of whom use Afghan factions to progress their passions.

The new mobilization plan only adds much more militias of unsure loyalties to the combine of militias taken care of by Afghanistan’s many warlords due to the fact the 1990s.

Other than Noor, they include Uzbek warlord Rashid Dostum, accused of war crimes, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a former U.S.-declared terrorist, who is at present in Kabul and has been a bitter enemy of Noor’s Jamiat-e-Islami for decades. Abdur Rasool Sayyaf’s previous militias have been linked to brutal crimes against the Hazara ethnic minority during the 1990s civil war. The religiously regressive Sayyaf also had shut ties to al-Qaida, and even operated coaching camps with the terrorist group in the 1990s.

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A couple of miles from Noor’s home, he maintains a political workplace in a lavish compound, secured by armed guards and barricades. A group of his militiamen, some with assault rifles, other individuals with machine guns, lounged on the lush grounds. Their leader, Habibullah Rahman Orfan, claimed they would comply with Noor wherever and acknowledge his instructions with no reservations, referring to him as “the great” commander.

He mentioned they would defend Mazar-e-Sharif, would begin an offensive to retake the districts in Balkh province at present underneath the Taliban and were being ready to provide as Noor commanded.