Brentwood Home Decor Store Maxi B. Announces Closure

Maxi B Home
photo from Maxi B Home Facebook

The home decor store, located at 150 Pewitt Drive in Brentwood, announces its closure.

In a social media post, they stated,“Anyone who knows me knows that I am unwaveringly resilient, so this announcement pains me more than one brief post can convey. (I have the word “resilience” tattooed on my arm, for crying out loud). It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Maxi B. Home will be closing permanently sometime before the end of October. Circumstances beyond my control have forced me to face the reality that we cannot keep our door open.”

“It was always a dream of mine to curate a place filled with pretty things. I waited until I was 60 to do so and I have loved every minute of it. Part of the reason I have loved it so much is that I grew up in Nashville and I wanted to create this store as a love letter to the city and all the creators and makers in it. I want to thank — from the bottom of my hurting heart — all of my loyal customers and my team who followed me through the move and continue to uplift me every day, in and out of the store. Maxi B. Home would never have opened without everyone’s willingness to help me make this dream a reality,” they continued.

No exact date was given for the closure but they did say before the end of October. The store first opened at CityPark Brentwood back in 2016 and is owned by Karen Fuqua who named the store after her mother, Maxine. The store recently moved to 150 Pewitt Drive, Brentwood.

For the latest updates, visit Maxi B. Home on Facebook. 

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