Can Oral Appliance Therapy Help You With Sleep Apnea?

There’s more than one way to treat sleep apnea. One solution that your doctor may want to discuss with you is known as oral appliance therapy. This approach involves the use of a device that fits over your teeth, much like a retainer would do. The result is that the device helps to keep your airways open and ensure a better night’s rest. Here are some of the benefits of trying this solution. 

No Noise Involved

One of the perks of using this approach is there is no noise involved. Some people find that it takes time to get used to the sounds that a CPAP machine makes. Those who happen to be light sleepers under the best of circumstances are likely to have the most difficulty with this adjustment. 

When it seems as if things won’t work out, trying this type of sleep apnea therapy may be the solution. While you still have to get used to having the device in your mouth, there is no noise to interfere with getting to sleep. You may find this is the best solution for you. 

Easier to Take Along When You Travel

The small stature of the device is another advantage to consider. You can easily pack it in a shoulder or overnight bag when you travel. Given how little space it takes up, there’s no need to carry an extra bag or even figure out how to include bulkier equipment in the bags that you do take.

Keep in mind that luggage you check may or may not arrive the same time that you do. If your device is tucked away in the carry on that stays with you, that first night in the hotel won’t be marred by an inability to sleep. 

Ideal for Those Who Can’t Get Used to CPAP Machines

Sound is not the only issue that may arise with using a CPAP machine. People who cannot get accustomed to remaining in more or less the same position for the entire night will find this doesn’t work well for them. They need something that won’t restrict their movement, even if they end up on the opposite side of the bed by morning. 

If you tend to move about a lot in your sleep, some type of oral appliance therapy is a good idea. There’s no external parts that have to be connected to anything. That means you can move around just as you have in the past without worries about a mask slipping out of position or some other mishap taking place. 

See an Improvement in Mood and Energy Level Quickly

Many patients report that this solution helps them enjoy immediate improvements. It’s not just that they are able to make it through an entire night without sleeping. They also notice that they have more energy first thing in the morning. 

It doesn’t hurt that you’ll notice that your mood is better throughout the day. You’ll feel less irritable, find it easier to deal with stressful situations, and even be able to concentrate with less effort. Those combined will make your waking hours much more pleasant. 

If you need some help with sleep and are unsure about using a CPAP machine, talk with your medical professional about this type of therapy. It could turn out to be the perfect solution in your case.