Carter-Williams Review 2021- Why I Chose This Platform As My Long-Term Broker? (

Trading has always been something that I wanted to try out and get into, but my lack of awareness and knowledge about this certain field has always held me back. I am now willing to dive into the trading industry headfirst as it is gaining much hype rapidly. I wanted to gather as much information about trading as possible. 

I started asking around, and many people I knew were into trading and gave fulfilling remarks, and helpful advice, one of them is to find a broker willing to allow a space to grow and learn. The trading platform that was recommended to me several times was Carter-Williams. I’ve heard a lot about how it provides an atmosphere in which an individual can study and progress from a novice to a professional trader in a matter of years.

Starting out, I was a bit nervous giving my money to a platform that I had never used before, but eventually, I received my money’s worth since I started witnessing the broker’s effects after only a few months. It was surprising how quickly I felt at ease once I began to use their services and everything they had to offer. I can now see why my friends love this platform, and I’m glad I had started on my trading journey using this platform as I got to develop my trading skills from scratch with clear instructions and great support.

The Layout:

For me, the layout was appealing since it had everything we could imagine in a presentable and accessible manner. It has a bright theme that I appreciate as it is easy on the eye and attractive compared to a dark theme. 

I also liked the fact that all the important features were on display without making the platform look crowded, which I appreciated. Furthermore, the images that are used give an interactive look making the platform more attractive and cooperative. The short summaries providing a brief explanation as to what the site has to offer are also very handy and affirming.

They’ve done an excellent job with the layout and have supplied all of the necessary information, leaving nothing out. I wanted a platform where I could learn everything about trading, from the fundamentals to the finer points. I was able to reach this target by making use of all they had to offer in the Trading Platform, Education Center, and Info areas at the top of the platform. 

The option to contact their customer care is located in the bottom right corner of the screen, while the date and time are located in the top left corner. They only offer the English language; thus, they should provide a larger range of dialects to expand their reach and allow foreign customers to enjoy their services. The security information is located at the bottom of the main page and might be useful.

Customer Service:

The customer service is expected to be of excellent quality as it is the basis of judgment for the rest of the trading platforms’ services. The platform should provide great quality by providing quick, informed replies, 24/7 customer support, and, most importantly, a global reach. 

Even if the broker and its other services have more potential, it might be detrimental to the broker and its other services if the customer service is of poor quality. Customer services are frequently used by traders, particularly the younger ones, implying that they are the ones that want assistance the most.

As mentioned above, the option to contact them is given at the bottom right corner of the screen. They offer customer services through the telephone line, live chat, email, and by filling out a form. One thing that concerned me was the fact that they only give customer assistance through telephone in Canada, restricting their appeal to foreign customers who are bright-eyed and eager to experience the platform.

I had used their live chat service as I was more comfortable with not having to talk on the phone. All of my questions were answered with accurate information, and I had no trouble handling the difficulties that arose from my lack of understanding. The replies were simple and direct, and they solved all of my problems. Apart from that, I found my time with them to be extremely pleasant.

Account types:

The account packages are secure and cooperative as they contain something for everybody.

·         Basic:

The basic package provides up to 100 significant leverages, 200 tradable assets, and a market review, all of the cost 250 euros.

·         Silver:

The silver package provides the same features as the basic account type and additionally dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative gold spreads, up to 200 significant leverages, tier 3 trade room access, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinars, and level 3 prioritized withdrawal process.

·         Gold:

The gold account type has similar features as the silver account type with the addition of level 2 prioritized withdrawal process, private analyst sessions, weekly webinars, trading signals, up to 300 significant leverage, platinum spreads, and tier trade room access.

·         Platinum:

The platinum account type constitutes of VIP lucrative spreads, up to 400 significant leverages, complete access to the trade room, access to lucrative VIP events, complete access to webinars, and level 1 prioritized withdrawal process above the cost of 100,000 euros only.

Payment Methods:

They offer the following payment methods:

·         Bank Wire

·         Maestro

·         Master Card

While this isn’t much and is limited, it would be great if they also offered VISA, VLoad, and PayPal, among other options, as they are widely used throughout the world. Regardless, I have had the best experience in this category as well, despite the fact that I had to change account types since I exceeded my capabilities due to the platform’s expertise.

The Education Center:

As the education center has become one of the most popular areas of a trading platform in recent years, the platform must provide the most of the material available. They may attract new clientele and expand their reach by doing so. They also include eBooks, a glossary, an asset index, and answers to frequently asked questions.

·         eBooks:

Platforms provide a total of 13 eBooks, of which I have acquired and consumed material from at least 8 so far. They genuinely provide all of the information regarding trading in one convenient location. If you start the trading business with no knowledge of trading psychology, you have the chance to improve your abilities to the point where you are satisfied with your outcomes.

·         Glossary:

The glossary keeps you up to speed with the words that traders use on a regular basis, as well as what’s new and how to find your way around. They are arranged alphabetically, making it simple to locate what you’re searching for.

·         Asset Index:

The assets offered by the platform are numerous and are stated along with trading hours and expiration rules, making it simpler for the people that have a specific asset that they want to invest in.

·         FAQs:

The FAQs is a great place to start on your trading journey as it displays everything that you will need to know to start up your career. I gained a lot of data by just exploring this page and getting insights into the field.

This platform truly offers a wide variety of information that will help give you the confidence you require to go on with this journey. Along with the education center that they provide, consistency and patience are something that the traders will also have to bring to the table if they want to move forward with this career and go far.

The Withdrawal Process:

Many traders have expressed their concerns about the withdrawal procedure, as this is the most common way for a shady trading site to defraud its customers and take their money. Regardless of this fact, I had an amazing and very smooth withdrawal process. I received an email as soon as I made my first withdrawal, and they were so helpful and trustworthy that I couldn’t imagine using any other trading platform.


Finding a trading site that you can completely trust takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I wrote this review. Opening your eyes and entering the real world is scary, but having something like trading with Carter-Williams broker keeps me from wasting all of my effort and time, and having the kind of platform that allows me to grow and expand my skills is something I value. 

Above all, a good broker should have a better education center, top-notch security, a variety of account types with reasonable prices, and lastly, a vast pool of assets, and in this regard, Carter-Williams has been my preferred choice that provides all the characteristics. I hope that based on these traits, you can also land on a reasonable broker just like I have.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.