Cyberpunk 2077 free growth packs leaked on Epic Games Retail outlet

CD Projekt Purple not too long ago produced the Cyberpunk 1.2 update soon after it was delayed final thirty day period.

Just one bit of info that wasn’t in the patch notes is that it is now feasible to see what DLC is coming to the game on the Epic Video games Store launcher.

A Reddit user, PricklyAssassin, managed to get into the files and leak what expansions are coming to the activity.

As of appropriate now none of the expansions can be procured, they are just placeholders for now, but we do have their names and what could be coming to the game in the foreseeable future.

PricklyAssassin mentioned that the free expansions will be known as

  • Ripperdocs Growth
  • Entire body Stores Enlargement
  • Style Ahead Expansion
  • Gangs of Night time Metropolis
  • Overall body of Chrome
  • Rides of the Dim Long term
  • The Relic
  • Neck Deep

There will also be an Expansion Go which will bundle the two unfamiliar paid expansions into a single for a decreased price tag of $14.99 alternatively than the particular person value of $9.99 each individual.

Nothing is acknowledged about the expansions yet, or when they will be unveiled, but PricklyAssassin was able to make some educated guesses and they do seem intriguing, if they are proper.

Ripperdocs Enlargement: This may perhaps include some a lot more animations and cutscenes to the recreation when putting in Cyberware, it could also incorporate new Cyberware to the recreation.

System Outlets Enlargement: This will most likely include a lot more customization possibilities for V, as well as attainable increase new areas on the map for V to acquire things.

Manner Forward Expansion: This is most likely a apparel enlargement.

Gangs of Night Town: This seems to be slice material from the major match that wasn’t completed in time.

Overall body of Chrome: It is thought that this will be an enlargement for Lizzy Wizzy as she is the only character to have a human body that is all chrome.

Rides of the Dark Upcoming: After all over again, this is possible reduce articles. It may well also insert new vehicles and/or customization to the recreation.

The Relic: This is an unfamiliar growth, possibly new content for Johnny Silverhand?

Neck Deep: This could be a continuation of the Sun story.

Night City Enlargement: This a person could add new material to Night time City, these kinds of as a new storyline, as effectively as perhaps expand on the interiors of buildings and just over-all make Cyberpunk what it was originally meant to be.

CDPR has nevertheless to announce any of these so we are uncertain when these will start out being unveiled, but it is probable they will be introduced as a result of 2021 and 2022.