Do You Know How to Fix Your Vape?

If you vape regularly then you must be aware that most people often spit, and also your vape may pop or leak too. However, ideally, it should not happen while vaping and therefore you need to fix this issue.

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What is leaking?

If the e-juice gets leaked from the tank then you lose the effect of CBD too soon. There can be a number of reasons for such leaking and if you lose a few drops of e-liquid then not only it is your loss, but you also are deprived of the flavor of your e-liquid.  

It is a very common problem that can happen with most popular type of sub-ohm tanks. All the popular brands that sell such tanks are found to be leaking and troubling the vapers due to either some design oversights or a few common user errors.

However, the good news is, you can prevent such leak from happening and we will try to share a few tips based on the device that you may be using.

Few ways to prevent leaking

  1. Check your seal

The most obvious reason for leaking is improper sealing, so check all possible routes for leaking and tighten them properly.

  1. Remove e-juice from your chimney

Often e-juice may get into the tube by accident and cause gurgling or even leaking too, so you must clean with a paper towel before you vape.

  1. Keep the tank upright

Always try to maintain the position of the vape vertically particularly if you do not want to use the tank for much longer period of time.

  1. Check for worn-out ‘O’-rings

This is another very common reason for the leaking of e-liquid and hence you must check it very closely and replace it if necessary. 

  1. Put a lid 

If you just leave your tank without any lid on the top of it then it can easily leak out of the holes for airflow. 

  1. Check your airflow

Always ensure that the airflow holes remain fully closed while filling and also avoid inhaling too forcefully.

  1. Watch out while filling

Avoid overfilling your tank and leave a little air pocket at its top while filling. This vacant space can help to prevent any liquid to get leaked out.

  1. Check for cracks

Also, check the tank for any cracks or damage. Any thin glass crack or a piece of little bent metal can also mean that the tank is not airtight.

  1. Use the right e-juice

Always try to choose your e-juice properly by looking at the e-juice label to decide what PG/VG ratio to choose.

  1. Check your coil heads

Often there can be manufacturing faults on the mass-produced coil heads

  1. Wick carefully

It can be a little tricky process and hence ensure that you use sufficient cotton.