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I had lost all hope in trading because of all the scams going on, especially in live seminars and forums I attended. I have tried many trading platforms and placed my money in the hands of traders who promised unrealistic profits and guaranteed I would be making money from day one…. After losing so much money, I decided to try another trading platform. A friend told me about FinancialCentre and how he had been using it and was making a lot of profit.

With funds that I had left I invested and bought as many assets as I could. I used less than 1/3 of my tradable funds to start with and let the money run for a few weeks. I quickly began to make profits and expand the amount of trades I was performing on a daily basis, by using FinancialCentre’s features and charts.

So, yes you can earn money by trading on the platform of FinancialCentre, which is an online broker delivering financial services, including Forex and CFD trading in the financial markets across the globe. FinancialCentre has been providing its customers with comprehensive support for their investments by making available several professional tools to be used in a user-friendly environment.

Here’s a rundown on how you can earn profit and take advantage of this platform: 

First of all, register an account as the provider has a special offer for new users. Go through the process of trading education, which includes video lessons and other useful materials in order to learn about the fundamentals of Forex trading. It is possible to employ other advanced tools in order to analyze and assess the market movements, which allows you to place an effective trade on your own as an individual investor.

And that’s not all! As a FinancialCentre customer, you can receive live support 24/5 for any questions or problems you might have. The FinancialCentre support team will be able to help with any question about your account or the platform altogether.

There is so much more to FinancialCenter. So, it is better that I take you through its main features and services and talk about their pros and cons.

Educational center:

Educational center is important for all its users.

FinancialCentre has one of the best educational materials in order to make sure their users are educated about financial markets risk, before they start to trade. They have a community forum for all its users where you can ask and discuss with other traders. In the eduation section they have step by step guide to achieve success in trading, also they have many tools that help you understand concepts of trading. There is a section called the FAQ and it has all the answers to your questions regarding tool usage, video tutorials, videos from user’s recommendations etc.

The glossary section has helped me to learn the basic terminologies in the Forex trading. I have also improved my comprehension of terms and concepts related to this sector, such as; leverage, margin call, pip value, etc.

According to my experience with FinancialCentre; it has been helpful for me in growing my knowledge about Forex trading and step by step approach to make a profit. The users are encouraged to participate in discussion forums where we can gain more knowledge about Forex domain.

However, in the educational material it lacks the information on how to make a profit by trading currencies, and what the parameters of risk are, which is why this article has been created so that you can learn more about Forex trading with FinancialCentre broker. The focus here will be on making a profit in long term trading, not on short term scalping. But I think that the platform should consider adding more eBooks on this topic.

Customer Service:

The support service has been quite helpful in aiding me in trading and making a profit. When I encounter some challenges, the support team is available to solve my problem promptly.

I have had many issues in my trading because I lacked knowledge and experience but when I landed on this platform, their representatives were available to personally guide me. Their live chat team is efficient, they are available at all times and really care about the problems of their customers.

Phone call service is provided to all clients as an integral part of the services. In case of any issue, you may always call them and they will make sure that it is resolved immediately. In short, the customer service on Financial Centre is available 24/7 so whenever you need us, we are ready to help you out even during holidays or weekends. The operators in our phone service will do whatever is possible to resolve issues immediately.

Withdrawals and deposits:

It is very easy to deposit money into your account, but withdrawal might take a couple of days which make me just love this company more and more. I am also happy with my withdrawals because of the security and speed of transaction. The trading platform is very easy to use and I love that they compare it with other platforms so you have a clearer view about what you are doing.

Their representatives will even go as far as giving you a call or email your phone number if you want to withdraw your earnings, they are very secure with their withdrawals and deposits, the only downside is that the trades may require more time because of low liquidity but if you are patient and cautious, then this forex platform is perfect for you.

Trading tools and features:

FinancialCentre is a Forex trading platform that offers forex and CFD which gives its customers the freedom to trade not only currencies but stocks too, their website has many educational materials concerning investing in Forex as well as commercials about how to use this service, it also gives you possibility to view your position in real time, you get to see all the changes in your trades and track them. They offer Android and iOS application as well as MT4 terminal for mobile use.

It has tools and features, which are essential when you start trading Forex. If you wish to know how to make a profit in your forex trading, then the best way is through the use of financial Centre software. It has some of those features that enables its users to make a good profit and above all learn more about taking risks when they trade.

The trading chart is very easy to understand and follow, you don’t need a background in math or science to get involved with this type of trading. The chart has the options to buy and sell stocks which are a dollar amount that you will receive or pay as profit or loss. I have been trading for over 6 months now and I owe it all to FinancialCentre because every time I learn something new, the site throws up some more information so that your knowledge of trading can grow.

The trading chart also has time interval options such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly and 4-hour. The Forex Trading Platform also offers the possibility of changing the currency pair on which you are trading. This is to ensure that there are opportunities for traders to invest in pairs they feel comfortable with, enabling them to make better trading decisions and gain profits.

Variety of assets:

The assets available on FinancialCentre are very diverse and you can choose different asset class to make profit. On the other hand, it is a high risk investment and if you do not know how to use it wisely then you may lose more than what you earn through your investments

Types of assets include:

– Stock market trades

– Forex trading

– Commodities such as gold and oil. You can trade them with the futures option.  


-Cryptos etc.

Well known stocks like Tesla, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and many other corporate stocks are all traded almost 24/7. I am talking about traders that buy and sell these stocks for a living in the stock market or day-trading these stocks before their quarterly earnings report comes out. Trading is taken very seriously in this country and around the world because it is a proven way to make a substantial amount of money. Day-trading stocks can be financially risky. As with every investment, there is risk involved and in trading the more you know about what you are getting yourself into the better your odds will be for success as opposed to failure.


FinancialCentre is an online trading software for the users of FinancialCentre. The concepts are well organized and provide clear inputs in terms of making profits from your investment on this financial platform. The various tools provided helps the users to take a look at how well they are managing their trades and investments. According to my experience so far, there is just one word to describe FinancialCentre; ‘simply amazing’. All in all, FinancialCentre is a huge success and has been able to provide excellent financial knowledge to people who wish to learn about trading and investing.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation