Five Basketball Skills You Should Be Working On Outside Shooting:

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Being a basketball champ is not a rosy affair. You have to take risks and put in years of dedicated practice to develop into a basketball player who wins games for his team. The recent technological developments have landed several offerings on your lap. One amongst those is a basketball training machine that leverages data analytics’s power to hone your shooting skills.

It is an uncontested fact that shooting is an essential skill to have in basketball. All other skills are secondary to shooting because it is the points gathered through successful shots that define a match’s fate.

But suppose you want to grow your all-round capabilities as a basketball player and develop into an asset for your team. In that case, you need to practice other skills apart from scoring. Let’s take a deep dive and evaluate the necessities of other essential skills that will turn you into an MVP of the game.

Critical basketball skills to develop apart from shooting:

These days, technology has made tremendous headways into the lives of ballers. A facility basketball machine like the Shoot-A-Way Gun not only helps you improve your shot percentage by keeping a detailed log, it also enables you to enhance your position and game-sense by providing balls at various preset positions on the court. The Shoot-A-Way Gun is a cutting-edge technological handout that promises to develop your timing with its customizable timer that you can integrate with your practice drills.

Now that you have a significant edge in basketball shooting with such a prolific basketball training machine let us look at some of the other facets of the game that need your attention.

  • Defense:

Most budding basketball players are fixated with the game’s glitzy parts- ball handling techniques, scoring maneuvers like slam dunks, etc. Though these are flashy portions of the game, becoming a lockdown defender can add value to your skills and your team’s capability to protect its lead.

Becoming a robust player on the defensive end of the court is critical. Hence you should budget your workout time and put in enough hours behind defensive drills.

  • Taking good care of the ball:

Turnovers become a roadblock for teams pressing high and trying to score. On the contrary, they help the opponent team to get an easy counter-attack and maximize the scoring opportunities. Turnovers can also mean a one-way ticket to the bench.

Therefore, apart from scoring and shooting, you should be great at taking care of the ball. You can obtain finesse in this skill by working on your ball handling techniques and passing skills. You should also know which spots on the glass to avoid bouncing the ball.

  • Passing:

Passing is one of the most under-rated skills in basketball. A basketball training machine not only helps you refine your shooting prowess but also develops a fundamental understanding of passing.

Receiving the ball at critical positions on the court and passing it to your teammates who are in a better position to score from is indeed a skill of massive proportions. With pinpoint passing, you can open up the floor by providing a hockey assist (the penultimate pass before the assist pass) and create maximum chances for your team to get on top of their game.

Passing requires practice but also great vision and on-spot decision-making abilities. So you should also practice passing and make it one of your drills’ key features when you practice basketball shooting.

  • Rebounding:

Becoming a great rebounder is adding immense value to your team. While defending, you have to box out your opponent and prevent them from getting a rebound. While your team is attacking on the trot, you need to sneak in and grab a board or obtain a tip-in. You need to get into an offensive position while your team is attacking. It will help you to secure offensive rebounds.

Polishing your rebounding skills means you will become one of the game’s most important pieces to tilt the scales in your team’s favor. Rebounding drills are a great way to add value to your team during a game tangibly.

  • Drawing fouls:

Suppose you are keen to develop into an all-round player. In that case, you should know when to be vulnerable to your opponent to attract fouls. It is great to practice basketball shooting, but drawing fouls provides leverage to your team and scoring opportunities.

Drawing fouls successfully puts enormous pressure on the opponent’s defense. It also earns you trips to the free-throw lines to secure maximum points. You need to be crafty and use your body while staying under complete control.

If you are aspiring to be one of the basketball maestros, then you should understand that there are several other facets of the game outside scoring. Taking charges, setting great screens, sprinting in transition, dribbling, etc., are some other critical areas you need to work on. Overall, developing into an asset for your team is only possible when you put optimal efforts into all these skills.

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