Golden-Gate Review 2021- Why I chose trading with this broker? (

There are many names for the art of investing money in assets, like currency trading, forex trading and commodities. What is common for all these names is that they describe how one can make a living with just his own knowledge and skills, or with assistance from the real gurus of business and even not only to live but to get rich by using the resources available. 

Writing in detail on how I started to earn money with my knowledge of financial markets and also what I am doing now can be another story, but for today let’s speak about Golden-Gate platform.

My friend introduced me to this Forex website where I can trade on my own, which was also recommended not only by him but many others on the internet. I wanted to try it out as I heard a lot of good reports on it so I knew from the start that I have to make an account there and from my personal experience though, it’s legit!

Anyway, after my friend raved about it, I thought why not give it a try… and started trading with $100 deposit as one of my friends told me that you should start small if you have never tried forex before. I could not believe that 6 weeks later after my first deposit, I had over $5000 in my trading account. It was a small win but it motivated me to continue and invest more money with Golden-Gate.

Since trading is done by the click of buttons on your computer, there are no complicated instructions needed that can confuse a beginner or even a pro trader like me. I was nothing but a regular trader who learned from books and internet what is the best strategy to apply when trading online within Forex. Now, I know that the most important thing is to check whether or not the platforms have customer service.

Few things you need to know:

  • At Golden-Gate platform you have a clear plan of action from the beginning to the end with no chance for mistakes or failures. There are even instructions how to use trading tools, what is technical analysis and most importantly which currency pairs and underlying assets are more profitable.
  • The website provides a lot of material about the basics. “How to trade”, “What is forex trading?”, “Tips and tricks” and others, so it’s enough just to wish you good luck. Also if you’re not sure in some step during the trading process there are chat rooms with people who work for Golden-gate 24/7.
  • The only thing you should be aware of is the fact that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s a serious company and if you work with Golden-Gate for some time in future you will definitely see how your bank account blooms.

So, let’s start off with Golden-Gate customer service.

Customer Service:

Every person who decided to become a client of Golden-Gate wants to know how their problems will be handled. The website is always ready to help if something goes wrong, and all of the problems are solved through chat rooms on website that work 24/7. It’s an easy way to solve issues without waiting for answers from customer service via e-mail, because I know how irritating it can be when you need help urgent and there is no one to ask.

I was once had trouble with my trading but there was a guy who answered me on the phone and then went through every step with me to solve my problem. So if you need someone to help you trade or explain something that you do not understand, there is always customer support available for everyone.

My account manager helped me in making my decision, he has experience and knowledge of the market that I found very useful. He advised me on my strategy with the complex world of assets trading, the time I took to develop my own system was very helpful and thanks to him, I am slowly making money.

Educational material about forex trading and technical analysis:

Golden-Gate website always keeps up with modern trends, so there is information for those who are new into business of assets trading it provides detailed educational materials for beginners in economic terminology and if you want to become a real professional with additional knowledge about the art of making money on Forex, there are educational programs that can complement your skills and make you more confident in business.

EBooks + videos +webinars + articles = educational material that is easy to comprehend. All of them are easily available on their webpage. 

  • EBooks have helped me a lot to understand the concepts like forex trading which is very difficult for new traders. For example, what are the indicators? What do they mean?
  • Glossary helped me in understanding basic terminologies in forex market which is not common and used in my daily activities. 
  • FAQ section helped me understand the basics of good trading. It has been really helpful for me to understand more about what forex is and how it works. I think every trader should check out FAQ section before bombarding the representatives with the queries that the platform has already answered in the FAQ section. This way you won’t wasting your time neither the representative’s.

Payment methods:

Of course everyone prefers to make money without investing anything into their business, so it’s great that Golden-Gates offers different ways of depositing and withdrawing funds. I found payment methods to be moderate and good. As I have been trading in this platform, they offer several types of payment methods that are good for traders from all walks of life. Due to its flexibility on payment methods, traders can get into the world of binary options with ease and without pressure.

It uses the most popular and convenient methods listed below:



-Bank Wire

I enjoyed using the Bank wire payment method; it was smooth and convenient. I had to check my bank statements for the period that I made transfers to their bank account and found out that they deducted exact amounts from my accounts without any deductions as transaction, service or broker fees.

I like the fact that they are very strict with their payment methods because I have seen some scam brokers offering instant withdrawals options which is most likely a fraud. Consequently, this broker has won my trust and I have continued trading with them.

Charts and tools:

The platform’s charting package is a bit limited, but I really like the way you can customize it. You can choose from various chart types (Candlestick, OHLC, Line etc.) and add 2-3 technical indicators on each of them. You can also show/hide the moving averages by choosing between 1 and 5. However, the chart was easy to read. The pop out is great to see all of the candles that were created. I like that at different time frames it was easy to see.

The tools you have available are also good as they helped me by keeping an eye on the market even when I am not trading, but I found them hard to find when I needed them and how they work, so maybe a little more documentation on each tool would help make them easier to find when I need them. The tools helped me by keeping an eye on the market even when I am not trading.

Market news:

The Golden-Gate has all the necessary information regarding the markets in all major assets and currency pairs. It helps me to make my decisions based on actual data. [If there is any]

It provides with all the latest news regarding the forex market using easy to understand charts and also gives me most accurate information for my trading and investment needs.

Registration process and Withdrawals:

Registration on Golden-Gate website is pretty easy, you must enter your name and email address, choose a password and that’s it. Also about withdrawals it’s easy too because there are different ways of withdrawing funds without any commissions or hidden charges. Unlike other companies, Golden-Gate doesn’t make up a lot of obstacles on getting your money.

There is no such thing as free lunch, so there are also some drawbacks to Golden-Gates investment opportunities. One of them is that you need skills in technical analysis to understand the market, but other than that it’s an honest business with easy ways of withdrawal and good educational material.


I hope that all of the information I have shared with you will help you to make right decision about your future financial and trading fate. The reason why I like trading at this broker is because, the interface is user friendly. I am using this broker for almost 3 years which I believe that’s enough to make final decision on any matter. In my personal opinion it is a decent broker with good instruments and technical support which always responds to your emails.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.