Green Tower Investments Review 2021- Is This Broker A Scam Or Not? (

The Concept Behind Brokerage Firms

The online brokerage platform provides software to trade stocks, bonds, options and a lot more online. The goal of the platform is to make investing more accessible to the individual investor by lowering transaction costs and increasing transparency in stock quotes. Most online broker platforms are Web-based which require a personal computer or laptop.

Most of today’s brokers provide users with an account for login into the trading system. This allows investors to monitor their portfolio at all times or execute trades on the go (in case of mobile phone usage). 

When an individual signs up for a brokerage account, the trading platform is typically free of charge. Fees for online trading are usually deducted from each trade, which depends on how much the investor trades and the size of his or her account with that particular online broker. Most small investors build portfolios worth several thousand dollars and pay approximately $10 per trade in commissions. The cost to commission ratio is one main advantage of investing through these brokerage systems. Other advantages include online quotes with charts and access to news released by individual companies as well as personal research reports on companies provided by third-party firms. I have seen that many traders run away after they see any firm talking about a third party. This negativity around the third party is mainly due to the false information being shared online. 

Third parties have been a cause of breaches in some of the incidents related but you need not worry about it if your broker is trustworthy. The only reason why these third parties are allowed in it is that they help the companies provide all the facilities to the traders at a place. Some services that the customers demand are beyond the capacity of the parent company and that is when they come in. They provide us with those facilities and good brokers only let them get involved if they have sound security measures.

The online brokerage platforms were considered attractive initially because they had an electronic trading system that enabled investors to trade stocks and other assets at the most competitive prices offered by different dealers on local as well as international exchanges. The platform allows users to monitor their portfolios and execute trades through a variety of methods, such as telephone or the Internet, or both. Most full-service brokerage firms have their own platforms today that provide customers with real-time market quotes, news releases, order entry capabilities for advanced traders and tools for technical analysis.

A number of proponents believe that online discount brokers have democratized the securities markets as they now provide an affordable way to access stock trading for small investors. Critics counter that there is a significant amount of misinformation passed on from these sources to new investors. The ease with which one can set up an account makes it much easier to commit fraud or insider trading without legal consequences. Other concerns include lack of regulation (in comparison with full-service firms), high commissions and other trading fees associated with online discount brokerages. It has also been argued that many online broker platforms are not truly regulated, as they do not require the broker to be licensed by any particular regulatory agency.

As a trader who was very well aware of the pros and cons of joining a brokerage, I had to put in extra effort to make sure I do not end up in the wrong hands. It took me a good 7 months to complete my research and finally, I decided that the company,  Green Tower Investments, would work for me. Today after spending so many years at this company, I can say that I was right. Although the company has some shortcomings, let’s see how it does the job with them. 

A Quick Overview

Green Tower Investments is a brokerage firm that is trusted by many traders because of the way it has been working for years. The company is one of the few brokers that are genuinely client-oriented. I have noticed all these years that the firm analyzes the needs and demands of the traders quickly and then starts working towards bringing out a solution. All these years the firm has taught me a lot but this does not mean it is absolutely free of flaws. There are some shortcomings that can be addressed if little time and effort are invested. 

Tools And Instruments 

Green Tower Investments offers a very wide range of the world’s leading stocks on its trading platform with over 250 instruments available for traders worldwide. The company has also started an asset growth programme that targets international expansion across EMEA and Asian markets. This will be a huge benefit for traders living in different parts of the world who are passionate about trading. In addition to the famous charting tool, the firm provides a range of online investment tools ranging from flashing stocks bar to technical analysis indicators that allow users to make educated portfolio decisions for themselves or their clients. I want to mention here that the provided tools and instruments are based on powerful and innovative software that analyze the market trends and predict values that can be considered while making deals. 

Famous Within The Trader Community

Green Tower Investments offers an advanced platform for trading financial assets online. They also have a large number of features that distinguish them from their competitors in the field. These include such things as mobile support and special software for those who trade frequently. Mobile support is a great feature because it allows one to trade while still in bed. This has eradicated the need to make long trips to the stock exchange and this is no less than a blessing. The powerful software allows the traders to make well-informed decisions and hit buy and sell at the right time. This software cannot be relied on completely, but they help you develop an idea about the market scenario quickly. 

Customer Support

Green Tower Investments prides themselves on their customer service. Many traders, including myself, think that they invest heavily in this area and this is why the customers rarely have any complaints regarding the core service. People keep complaining about how they have to wait sometimes but I think that is due to increased traffic or lagging internet. The individuals sound very friendly yet professional. They quickly understand your problem and give you a solution. They have made available several ways to get in touch which is commendable but the service is not available 24/7 which is a flaw.

Paper Trade Practice

Before you can commence trading in securities for real money, you need to practice and become familiar with how everything works. This is particularly great for new investors. However, there is one issue. Green Tower Investments does not offer a free demo account that allows you to paper trade your investments before finally making the leap into real-life investing. This, if there, helps all types of investors make informed decisions about what options are available to them instead of taking a chance on something you may not fully understand or know yet. I think this thing needs to be worked on a priority basis. With all the fake firms in the market, we do not want young buds to suffer more by going straight to face the harsh conditions. 

Personalized Account Management

Green Tower Investments also has a great management system for the investor’s portfolio. With this, customers can track their investments easily and see where they stand on important aspects like risk management and profit-making potential. What is so good about this service is that it will alert you of any issues with your portfolio and give you time to rectify them before they become a real problem. One problem associated with this area is that these services are not available for the ones that hold lower accounts. Another thing that the common needs to focus on.


Due to the complexity of online trading platforms and their potential for abuse in insider trading practices, investors are strongly advised to practice caution when deciding on an online trading platform. I have seen many traders lose all their money because they over-relied on the indicators and did not consider what way the market was going. If you want to save yourselves from any added losses then you have to be very vigilant and focused that way. 

Concluding Remarks

If I look back today, I see that my working experience with Green Tower Investments has been great. Years back, when I first decided to join this forum, I was not very sure but over the years the broker has won my trust. I think that it can be great if you are looking for something that will not leave you alone in a time of need. Although it has some flaws, I am hoping the actively working management will soon start working on them. I would like to end this review by wishing you all good luck. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.