Halloween costumes ideas kids can wear with masks

This Halloween, we are all about the masks. And we don’t mean your typical Halloween disguises. If you’re planning to venture out of your house or socialize in any way this year, you and your kids are going to want to mask up with some PPE-level mouth and nose coverings.

Whether it’s a night of trick-or-treating or a socially-distanced spooky backyard gathering, your family should be wearing proper face masks. Luckily, Halloween is one holiday that lends itself to mask-wearing and might even give you an opportunity to get previously mask-averse kids to don one in the spirit of the holiday.

No need to paint on cat whiskers or jack-o’-lantern teeth—just find the right COVID mask for the job and your kiddo will be good for the night. From cute to creepy, here are some costume ideas inspired by our favorite masks.

1. A cute critter


Credit: Old Navy

A choice of three cute critters come in every pack.

Best for: Ages 3 to 8
Which critter will your cutie be this Halloween? They can take their pick with these three-piece sets from Old Navy. There are so many choices for your kid to be their favorite animal, from cute and cuddly to prickly and prehistoric.

2. Wonder Woman


Credit: J3Spersonalizedparty

This iconic design is sure to make any girl feel like a superhero.

Best for: All ages
If your child hasn’t yet started asking to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, trust us, it’s coming. They keep pushing the release date, but the ad spots have been running and the “coming soon” posters are popping up on billboards in anticipation. The imminent release of “Wonder Woman 1984” is certain to put a rush on all Wonder Woman-themed costumes. While Wonder Woman may not typically wear a mask, you have to admit this adds an air of mystery surrounding the crime-fighting Amazonian.

3. A crayon


Credit: Crayola

A colorful box of crayons for a family costume.

Best for: All ages
Looking for a family costume? How about a box of crayons? Pair these masks with a and your colorful crew will be ready to make the rounds. Or, let your kiddo pick their favorite color and paint the town…whatever color they want!

4. A Star Wars character


Credit: Disney Store

For the cutest masks in the galaxy.

Best for: All ages
The return of Baby Yoda is basically the only good thing to come out of 2020 and R2D2 has been a fan favorite for 40 years and counting. For any Star Wars fan who favors the cuter icons from a galaxy far, far away these masks will have them covered and keep them safe while doing so.

Pro tip: These masks run small, so read the reviews and size up accordingly when buying.

5. A penguin


Credit: Cincinatti Zoo

A cute mask whose proceeds go to a good cause.

Best for: All ages
The march of this penguin will not only make for an adorable costume, it will help maintain the programs and pay for the care of the penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo. Proceeds from their animal masks help fund the care of the animals and recoup the revenue lost while the museum was closed due to COVID restrictions.

6. Trolls


Credit: MaskClub

Candy-colored Trolls masks are fitting for the Halloween holiday.

Best for: All ages
Trolls World Tour was a huge hit this year, which means kids will be clamoring to dress up as one of these candy-colored characters. These sweet masks will take their costume to next-level cute and will likely be a favorite long after Halloween night.

7. A pumpkin or ghost


Credit: Maisonette

A jack o’ lantern and a boo mask are good for getting their scare on.

Best for: Ages 3 to 12
These masks represent the reason for the Halloween season! Your kid can dress up as an iconic jack-o’-lantern with a creepy carved out smile. Or simply let the mask do the talking with the bold “Boo!” mask.

8. A ferocious tiger


Credit: Everfan

This sharp-toothed tiger will make for a ferocious Halloween.

Best for: Ages 3 to 12
This sharp-toothed tiger mask is sure to make your little one roar in approval, and the fact that it’s so well-made, with three layers of protection, will set your mind at ease. These high-quality masks come in tiger, shark, bunny, bear, dog, or koala.

9. A sly fox

Best for: Ages 3 to 12


Credit: tonadisseny

Some foxes are sly and some are sweet.

What does the fox say? This Halloween, the fox says “trick or treat” when your kiddo dons this sly fox mask and costume.

10. A “Minecraft” creeper


Credit: RavenWake

This “creeper” mask is, indeed, creepy enough for Halloween.

Best for: All ages
Behind millions of downloads are thousands of kids who want to be a part of the hostile creeper mob on Halloween night. You’ll be relieved at not needing to paint on complicated pixelated makeup this year and your kid will breathe easy knowing that their look won’t need a touch-up to stay soul-less and sinister-looking.

11. Pikachu

Best for: Ages 3 to 12


Credit: LisaDylanArt

Your little one will look adorable as Pikachu in this happy mask.

There is no better friend than Pikachu (according to Ash Ketchum, anyway). The Pokémon movies have captured the hearts of kids and “Pokémon Go!” has captured their minds. Have your kids go as the cutest yellow cartoon—and one of the most coveted cards from the original game—this year.

12. SpongeBob or Patrick


Credit: SpongeBob Store

Bikini Bottom or your back yard, these masks will make a splash.

Best for: All ages
Why stay in your pineapple all night? If you’re planning on venturing outside of Bikini Bottom, you’re going to want to be protected. Your kiddo will also be the proudest Good Noodle knowing that the proceeds from each mask goes to Save the Children. Snag a fun SpongeBob or Patrick costume to make the look complete.

13. A vampire or skeleton


Credit: Maisonette

Vampire fangs and a creepy skull make for spooky Halloween style.

Best for: Ages 2 to 10
Shall they be a vampire or skeleton this year? Luckily they won’t have to decide until the last minute. All you need is a black hooded cape and some dark shadow around the eyes and they’ll be able to pick one (or switch between both) to complete the spooky look. Or pick up one of these skeleton-vampire costumes that’s a little bit of both.

14. A pretty kitty


Credit: Maisonette

A sugar skull and a cute kitty.

Best for: Ages 2 to 10
All it will take is a set of ears and a swishing tail to complete this kitty cat costume. This one comes with a complimenting sugar skull mask for your little one to wear the next day during Día de los Muertos.

15. A “Sesame Street” character

Sesame Street

Credit: MaskClub

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street–and which house has the best Halloween candy?

Best for: All ages
Who are the people in your neighborhood? This Halloween they could be Elmo, Cookie Monster, the Count, Big Bird, and Oscar in this five pack of “Sesame Street” favorites. Buy them separately (and get Abby and Grover in the mix), or as a set.

16. A Disney character


Credit: Disney Store

Four fun faces to choose from for the die-hard Disney fan.

Best for: All ages
Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and Aristocat Marie: If you’re little one can’t get enough of Disney, they’ll love these character masks that will get them looking just like their favorite characters. These masks come in sizes from preschool to adult, in case you want to get in on the Disney-inspired look. Like the Star Wars masks, be sure to read the reviews and check the sizes before you buy, since these run small.

17. A piece of art


Credit: LoveIsLoveArt

For the arty teen who wants to make a statement.

Best for: Teens
If you have an arty teen in your midst, check out some of the fine art and pop art inspired masks over at Redbubble. They can celebrate Halloween as an art icon or one of their most famous works.

18. Baby shark


Credit: itsallmerch

They’ve danced to the song, now they can look the part of Baby Shark!

Best for: Ages 3 to 8
Do! Do! Do! Do you think there’s a more adorable costume for your little one? These cute masks come in all the colors that represent Baby Shark’s family and will have even the tiniest tykes excited for face coverings. Pick up one of these super-soft costumes for a swimming combo.

19. A Hogwarts student

Harry Potter

Credit: MaskClub

Perfect for both muggles and non-muggles.

Best for: All ages
Accio, muggles and non-muggles alike! Which Hogworts house will you swear your allegiance to? Bring a little magic to your Halloween this year. All you require is a Quidditch robe, a spindly wand, a scarf in house colors, and one of these masks with the crest that suits you and your kiddo best. These will have your kid looking like a convincing wizard faster than you can say “WinGARdium Levi-OH-sa.”

20. A pirate


Credit: TinyTies

Trick or treating or stealing pirate booty, this mask is good for both!

Best for: All ages
Argh, mateys! A pirate’s life for ye this Halloween. This Jolly Roger-blazoned pirate mask paired with a proper pirate getup will ensure your little one walks away with a Halloween bounty fit for Jack Sparrow. Since these are custom made, you can be sure you’ll get a perfect fit for any member of your family.

21. Sonic the Hedgehog


Credit: SegaStore

All you need is this smirking Sonic mask for your kid to be the fastest video game character ever.

Best for: All ages
If your kid is obsessed with the interplanetary super-powered blue hedgehog from the video game and this year’s movie, save a bit of time and sweat labor on painting their whole face blue with this mask. This little blue mask will have your kid ready for hyper-speed action—even before the sugar high kicks in. Snag this supersonic costume to make for the speediest trick or treater this galaxy has ever seen.

22. Super Mario


Credit: zawitees

A plumber-style mustache will definitely get you a 1UP this year.

Best for: Ages 12 and up
How about a Mario and Luigi buddy-costume getup to show how you and your kid have bonded over ’90s-style video gaming for the past six months? You’ll get an instant 1UP with this plumber-mustache mask.

23. A little monster


Credit: EverFan

For a scary little monster (don’t dare call them cute).

Best for: All ages
Sometimes a kid just wants to be downright scary and these monster masks, which come in three shades and three different snarling styles, will help get the point across faster than you can say, “Boo!” Any costume would be spooky with this snarling mask, but we are particularly partial to exploring the scary side of Mike from “Monsters, Inc.” with one of these costumes.

24. Anything they can dream up


Credit: Snapfish

Let them design their own mask to fit their costume.

Best for: All ages
Does your kid want to be Elsa but with her wise smirk? Are they Lego-obsessed and need a face mask to complete their Wild Style or Emmett look? How about Professor Poopy Pants from Captain Underpants? Have no fear, you can create a personalized mask at Snapfish. Design your own and let your little one’s imagination lead the way.

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