Heritage on Wheels: Vintage & typical vehicles on exhibit in Kolkata

The Eastern India Motoring Team (EIMG), a team of vintage and classic vehicle proprietors, organised a vintage car or truck clearly show at Lake Club in Kolkata on Sunday, March 7. The Lake Club was gracious ample to host this clearly show for the EIMG Customers. All around 80 classic motor vehicles ended up on screen throughout the one-working day occasion. The EIMG was established by Shrivardhan Kanoria, a collector and restorer of these cars, in 2020.

The website link amongst EIMG and Lake Club was set up by EIMG secretary Subhajit Kumar. Rajiv Ghosh and Avik Naha, both classic automobile collectors and component of the EIMG Board, were also present.

Vintage car show Kolkata The Prewar American Auto Course (Picture/Sourish Meryson & Ranadip Mandal)

EIMG President Shrivardhan Kanoria handpicked all over 80 vintage cars and categorised them into 10 courses, inspired by Pebble Seashore and the likes. Among these classes, there was a Rolls-Royce Class, comprising five immaculate Rolls-Royces on display.

Vintage car show Kolkata Autos lined up throughout the occasion at Lake Club in Kolkata on Tuesday. (Graphic/Sourish Meryson & Ranadip Mandal)

Also among the the courses have been the Fiat Buyers Club Of Calcutta Autos, a subsidiary team of the EIMG. The oldest automobile in the exhibit and also the star attraction was the 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1, owned by Kanoria. The event was seamlessly curated by EIMG and conceptualised by Kanoria.

Vintage car show Kolkata Postwar European Class (Impression/Sourish Meryson & Ranadip Mandal)

“I come to feel privileged to be inducted as a secretary of EIMG, a group which is severe in the direction of preserving the national motoring heritage. Our president is doing work challenging for a noble induce and my involvement towards the very same is humbly taken, with enjoyment. The Lake Club has been quite generous and supportive in the direction of internet hosting this clearly show for EIMG, and I am deeply thankful to them,” said Subhajit Kumar.

Vintage car show Kolkata Two Wheeler Class (Picture/Sourish Meryson & Ranadip Mandal)

“Such exhibits are the phone of the working day when it comes to having fun with this heritage car passion. I feel it as an integral duty in the direction of this movement and consequently place in my time and exertion to organising these events, in the course of the yr, for the gain and encouragement of the Heritage Motor vehicle entrepreneurs of Jap India. For this exhibit, I in particular thank Lake Club for supporting our endeavour,” reported Shrivardhan Kanoria.