How SiteLock Helps Keep Your Website Safe?

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With the digital revolution disrupting our lives, many businesses have started focusing on establishing and growing their online presence. While this has led to an increase in the number of websites being launched, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of online threats faced by them. 

As a result, site owners have started prioritising security over other aspects of their sites. It starts with choosing a web hosting plan that ensures server security. Additionally, site owners need to ensure that the website is secure too. There are various tools and applications to help site owners ensure the security of their sites. One such tool is SiteLock Website Security

Today, we will talk about SiteLock website security services and understand how the tool helps keep your website safe.

But before that, let us look at the following video that explains the meaning and working of SiteLock Security:

What Is Sitelock Website Security?

Comprehensive protection

When it comes to site security, most site owners don’t want to leave anything to chance. They want to be assured that their site has comprehensive protection against all kinds of attacks. SiteLock security scans the entire website to ensure that there are no viruses or malware. This helps in the early detection and removal of malicious codes and keeps the site secure. 

Offers a Firewall

Most online attacks can be fended off by using a well-configured firewall. SiteLock offers a firewall that blocks traffic that seems suspicious and dangerous. It alerts you whenever it identifies any threat and also manages the threat efficiently. It also tries to trace the origin of the attack to prepare itself for any further threats from the same source.

Scans applications regularly

A website can use multiple applications to offer a memorable user experience to visitors. Each of these applications is prone to be hacked. SiteLock security scans all applications regularly to identify vulnerabilities and patches them before they are exploited. When you update an application, there is no way for you to understand if the update is secure. SiteLock checks the application updates against the catalogue to make sure that there are no security issues in them.

Safeguards the database

Many websites use a database that is susceptible to security issues like SQL injections giving the attacker unrestricted access to your website. When you buy SiteLock website security, you can be assured that your database is secure since it pays special attention to the database and safeguards it against any such threats.

Makes users feel secured

People are aware of the potential threats online and avoid websites that show the smallest signs of security issues. After scanning your website, SiteLock displays a seal of trust on the site that helps users feel safer and build trust in your brand. It also helps improve user engagement and boost the SEO score of the site.


SiteLock, with its range of features and benefits, is one of the most preferred website security tools. As a site owner, you must remember that no site, however small, is safe from online threats. Therefore, it is important to use the best tools to keep any potential attacks at bay. Good Luck!