How to Decorate Your Home For Halloween

Halloween is one of the most thrilling holidays of the year for many children as well as fun-loving adults. One of the most ultimate joys for young and old is decorating your home for Halloween. You can do it easily, by allowing your imagination lead the way and a good deal can be created within a tight budget, if needed. Pay close attention on how to decorate for the ultimate Halloween.

When you have children, you can use all those class Halloween projects. You can simply hang them about or even make a Halloween tree, similar to a Christmas or Easter tree. You can use construction paper for making jack-o-lanterns, bats, cats, witches, spiders and other ghoulish decorations to place around the house. Once they have created their paper decorations, use tape and sting to attach them for hanging.

Spooky sounds are wonderful for setting the mood. You might want to purchase a Halloween CD or make your own, using a tape recorder.

Lighting is essential for setting a Halloween atmosphere. You can use candles and jack-o-lanterns, however, do be sure to practice fire safety. You can use some of those plastic Christmas candles, either using the orange bulbs, or other colored lights, you can always cover the bottom with construction paper, aluminum foil or paint them. Black lights strategically placed adds an eerie feeling.

Making a Halloween dummy is simple and fun, by using some old clothes, boots a hat and some stuffing. Pose the dummy inside or out for the trick or treating children to see, they love taking a close up peek at such Halloween decorations. You might also consider some spider webs and spiders to hang out at your home as well during Halloween.

When decorating your yard for Halloween, you might want to consider allowing the grass to grow which will add to the appearance of the house being abandoned, then gather up some old looking wooden planks write some scary names upon them and then place them around the yard as grave markers. While preparing the graves, you might like to place a bit of dirt there as well to give it more of an appearance of being a grave, some people may consider using fertilizer to do this, however, fertilizer will actually burn the grass beneath it when there it is more than the grass actually needs.

Another interesting idea, if you have enough yard space, is to plant a corn maze, when the time is right, and then allow the corn to stand in place during Halloween, when the corn should already have begun to dry out, which provides a very scary appearance, not to mention that the rustling of the dried cornstalks when the wind blows adds that extra creepy sounds while traveling through a corn maze. If you decide to plant a corn maze to use during Halloween, you might consider also planting some well placed costumed individuals to hide within the maze, to scare some of the people traveling through the maze. However, you may want to try to be too scary when entertaining children and older people, so as not to upset anyone to badly.

Another great idea for decorating your yard for a Halloween party is to set up a bonfire and perhaps an effigy or two. Imagine tossing Freddie Kruger into the fire, or perhaps Jason or Michael. It’s all in fun and it is the season! Have a blast getting ready for your Ultimate Halloween.

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