Hygienist visits Byron-Bergen for Dental Wellbeing Thirty day period | Local News

BERGEN — Byron-Bergen finished February, National Children’s Dental Well being Thirty day period, with a particular presentation from Courtney Voos, a dental hygienist at Caledonia Relatives Dentistry. Voos described wholesome teeth patterns with the college students in grades Pre-K by means of 2.

“How lengthy should you brush your tooth? Does any person know?” Voos requested. “Two minutes. In two minutes you can brush all of your tooth. The tops, bottoms, insides and outsides.”

Voos also talked about wholesome treats, unique treats, flossing, and what occurs if you get a cavity. She then asked the learners if they experienced any issues. 1 pupils questioned why individuals are not supposed to swallow toothpaste.

“Toothpaste has anything in it termed fluoride. Fluoride is genuinely excellent for your tooth, but isn’t so great for your tummy. If you swallow a minimal toothpaste when you brush, it’s not seriously a significant deal, but if you ate a ton, you would get an upset belly,” she reported.

Voos said she wished to be a dental hygienist since she loved likely to the dentist as a child.

“I still appreciate heading to the dentist and I enjoy encouraging men and women cleanse their tooth so they can have brilliant enamel, too,” she claimed. “The genuinely vital point is to make confident you go to the dentist two times a calendar year,” mentioned Voos. “Remember, you really do not have to brush all of your teeth, just the types you want to preserve.”