Interior Decoration With Recycled Crafts

Handmade articles made out from recycled materials have always been a part of home decor since ancient times. Interior decoration has become a part and parcel of every household that adds to the beauty and aesthetic value of each and every house. With a little effort and a creative touch, your house could become one of the most pleasant abode that gives you a relaxed feel once you reach home from the hardships of the day.

Why is home decor important?

Decorating your house adds value to your house and comfort of your family. Interior decoration reflects your lifestyle and a house with impressive interiors is sure to catch the envy of your neighbors. A carefully planned house decor can exalt your house’s infrastructure and can help you cover its defects. A house with extravagant space lacking a good interior decoration will not stand before a little house that has the best placement of crafts adding to its beauty.

Is it costly?

Many people restrain from interior decoration because of the false notion that home decor comes at a heavy price. But the truth tells a different story. While there are some quite expensive ways which require you to spend some extra shillings to achieve a quality decor from pro designers, interior decoration is not always a costly affair. Many innovative ideas for home decor using crafts made of recycled materials have proved to be both cheap and worthy.

Recycled crafts

So what are the things that you can recycle? They can be anything from a broken bulb to an old dressing table. All you need is a little bit of creative thinking to make those dusty old tins and clothes to become prized possessions on your shelves and walls. One of the most exciting parts of recycling old objects into crafts is that there is no limit as to how you can use them. It all depends upon your imagination and creativity. If you are lost on where to start, try with the following examples.

• Make pillow covers and cushion bags of various sizes and colors from your old t-shirts and sweaters.

• Make tiny hanging gardens with broken bulbs and little ferns. Your old boots can become planters that can be placed by your windows.

• Greeting cards and birthday cards are remnants of beautiful memories and they should not remain locked in your cupboard. Make place mats out of our old birthday cards and photos.

• Turn your old wine bottles into beautiful lamps and vintage arts.

• Never throw away your old CDs. You can transform old CDs to anything from door hangers to coasters for cups and candle holders. You can make beautiful wall decorations and wind chimes with CDs.

• Transform your old wallpapers to artistic murals onto your walls.

• Your old newspapers can become showcase items by a little magic of origami.

There are limitless possibilities of recycling unused items into articles of art. You can get numerous ideas on home decor both online and via magazines and television. Junk art has been getting more and more popular and the next time you decide to throw something away, do think twice about how it can be recycled as a decorative item.

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