Juxtapoz Magazine - Ripple Effect: An Interview with Dan and Jan (Dan Lam and Jan Kaláb)

Juxtapoz Magazine – Ripple Effect: An Interview with Dan and Jan (Dan Lam and Jan Kaláb)

Ripple Effect delivers alongside one another two artists who use color and unearthly yet organic designs as the basis of their get the job done. Dan Lam and Jan Kaláb, each on check out at Hashimoto Contemporary in LA starting off on Oct 9, 2022, capture what the gallery notes as “the tension amongst times via colour, variety and texture.” In conversation forward of their present, equally Dan and Jan focus on their new bodies of function, sudden influences and what they like in the others’ do the job. 

Dasha Matsuura: Both of your function is so rooted in coloration and chromatic explorations. What is the most challenging coloration/palette for you to work with? Do you have a least/most favorite shade?
Dan Lam: I believe accurate red and eco-friendly are the hues I use least, if at all. Those people are possibly my least favored hues as effectively. Having said that, I do use pinks and mints/teals a good deal! I also hardly ever use neutrals like brown, beige, or tan.

Jan Kaláb: I would not say that any colour palette is as well tough, just some gradients between certain colors are more tough to paint. For case in point gradient from pink to purple. It occurs that purple is getting brownish if you make it darker in completely wrong way and mix it just with purple.

Jan Kaláb Deconstructed Sun 922 2022

How do you approach earning sculptural operate? What draws you to generating sculptural perform vs standard 2D painting/drawing?
DAN: I’m most drawn to sculpture since of the chance of generating a real bodily item in the entire world. You can find a thing genuinely astounding/fulfilling about coming up with an concept, fixing how to make it, then obtaining it essentially exist in 3D and just take up room. I get pleasure from wanting at portray and drawing, but it will not give me the exact experience as sculptures.

Jan: I did numerous objects/sculptures in earlier, the latest a long time I was far more centered on portray. But in fact my paintings are on the edge of painting and sculpture. To do massive sculpture is unquestionably far more hard than building significant portray. In phrases of product and area. It’s magnificent to make a physical piece!

Both of your perform captures a experience or mood by way of abstraction what are you attempting to capture or consider about in the modern will work for the exhibit? What is a short description of the pieces you happen to be functioning on for the present? Are there certain issues you are asking yourself in the studio as you’re making function?
DAN: I have been wondering significantly about fact, notion, and the surprising. I am continuing that visible language of repulsion vs attraction which is always been common in my work, but I believe it’s develop into much less of a focal position. I am thinking about pushing mediums, my voice, and language and demanding myself while embracing those self-assured times without having overthinking. Many is effective in the present have a additional intentional software of finishes. I’m making use of chameleon and aurora pigments that have shade-shifting homes dependent on the lighting, in which you might be standing, etc. to mirror people strategies of perception/actuality.

Jan: I’m operating on some items which brings together two portray procedures (brush, spray gun) and I want to seize rigidity / movement concerning two substances. A person is a lot more fluid than the other a person. I’m hoping to respond on Dan’s get the job done which is pretty fluid and full of drips.

System is a huge part of your operate, but with incredibly various approaches. Jan, you are so precise, and Dan, you might be so organic and natural with the improvement of just about every work. Even with those variations, your processes also come to feel extremely akin in their meditative and procedure- pushed elements. What similarities/differences do you see in each and every other’s way of working?
DAN: I got to see Jan do an set up in London. I know his operate usually takes arranging, but I also see that he leaves space for his instinct to engage in, particularly when it will come to shade. I believe the truth that we the two work with incredibly natural and organic kinds speaks to our procedures.

Jan: We the two like to examine colors and gradients between them. I paint over the surface which I create – custom made stretcher body. I structure the form, so there is not a lot home for coincidence. Dan produce the volume with coloured polyurethane foam. So she generally make the condition with the coloration. And I presume coincidence is usually aspect of her course of action. Then she paints over it as properly. I love all her experiments with resources which she pour over the sculptures and than it have an affect on all the coloration less than this coat.


What influences do you have that might be unpredicted?
DAN: Visually my work has evident influences, like designs and cues from character. There is also an overlap with the psychedelic. But I’m also very impressed by the guides I am listening to/examining although in the studio. I’ll listen to psychological thrillers, philosophical fiction, and magical realism that give my perform a sense of a thing deeper (if men and women want to go there with it) as you take in what is actually on the floor.

Jan: Existence could be really unpredictable, weather conditions as well. My mood is based on setting that surrounds me and my art is dependent on my mood.

What is your favored piece of each individual other’s function? Is there nearly anything individual about the other’s function that you are impressed by?
DAN: I appreciate a whole lot of Jan’s function so it is challenging to narrow it down to just one favorite. We did a trade a although back again and I’m nonetheless obsessed with the piece he sent me. Perhaps mainly because I get to stay with it, it truly is my beloved? Or being aware of it is really all mine? Clearly, I love the way Jan employs color. I feel like we have related tastes when it arrives to palettes. I also like how he composes his items and how some are like a puzzle that comes together. The way they come together presents them a lot of motion. He does a terrific job of earning his paintings sense sculptural, no matter whether it is using coloration to develop an illusion of place or really shaping a canvas, it often would make me want to get near and consider in extra element.

Jan: I consider Dan will do more larger sized sculptures in foreseeable future and finds a way how use the exact glimpse as what she does in smaller sized sizes. I don’t forget her visualizations of drips on homes. Head blowing. Her types and colors are inspiring. As I currently mentioned her her experiments with all these bizarre fluid clear or semitransparent elements this is quite exciting and inspirational.

Ripple Outcome is on view at Hashimoto Contemporary Los Angeles from Oct 8—29, 2022

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