Knowing More About Logistics Service Providers

Logistics service providers and the business benefits of supply chain  visibility

In today’s situations or even before the pandemic has started, logistic service providers have been making life convenient for people. They depend on them to bring their packages at their doorstep and to be able to deliver the things they want their loved ones to have.To give you an idea on Logistics Provides Which Services, here is some information about logistics service providers. 

What Are The Types Of Logistics Services?

Warehouse Services

Logistic companies handle bulk parcels and packages which means they need an area where they can store it. Warehouses are used to keep parcels for a while checking of goods and listing of designations are done. Most logistics providers have in house warehouses where parcels are kept upon arrival and before delivery.

Third-party Logistics Services

This type of logistics are those who act as bridges between the consumer and manufacturer. They make sure that goods are delivered to the consumer in the same condition when taken from the manufacturer. 

Freight Shipping 

In these types of logistics the combined use of cargo ships, trucks and trains. This is ideal for bulk shipments.

Courier Shipping 

This type of logistics caters to customers who want to ship small items and fragile ones. By availing the service of  courier shipping companies, customers are assured that their parcels can be received in one piece. It’s more expensive than other types of logistics though. 

How Many Types Of Service Logistics Are There?

Apart from the one mentioned above there are other types of logistics. Logistics providers have been expanding their services to be able to cater all the demands of their customers. Logistic companies have been operating since the 1960s and have transformed a lot as the years passed by.

What Are The Examples Of Logistics?

Logistics has boomed because of the growth of e-commerce businesses. Online shopping has become convenient for people and this has also helped logistics services providers to grow more. In the e-commerce business logistics acts as the courier in collecting goods from their factories or stores and delivers it to the consumers or customers. 

What are the Roles of Logistic Service Providers?

Acts ad Aid in Delivering Goods

The biggest part of logistic providers during this pandemic time is delivering goods to people who need it. Food donations and necessities have been sent to areas where people are having a hard time coping up with their basic needs. Non government organizations have partnered with logistic service providers to aid them in making their humanitarian work possible. 


Before a parcel can be set out for delivery, it has to be packed properly so it can reach its destination with the items still in a good condition.It is the role of logistic service providers to make sure that items are in good condition once they left the source and as they arrived at their destination. 


Due to bulk parcels coming in, a storage area is needed. In warehouses, it is the logistics responsibility to secure the parcels from getting lost as well as make sure to be in good condition. Since deliveries are done by schedule some parcels may have to stay for 2 or more days. During this period of time any damages that can happen to the parcels is the logistic service provider’s responsibility especially  in house warehouses.  


Each parcel coming in and going out should be monitored and recorded. Otherwise, there will be complications if not properly documented. Logistic service providers are responsible for making a list of parcels they received and should include the information about the origin, complete name and contact digits and where it has to be delivered.It is also their duty to update each parcel if it’s already received or not. 
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