LK Home Decor upgrades to larger space on Main Street | Business News

ASHLAND — After only 18 months, Laura Koberstein and Elizabeth Banks could no longer fit their farmhouse decor business within the constraints of a 500-square-foot building on 112 E. Main Street.  

The Ashland residents and business owners decided earlier this year to expand LK Home Decor into a larger location at 126 E. Main Street — thanks to growing support from the Ashland community and surrounding areas. 

With the larger space, the store boasts new products and extended hours of operation. The grand opening took place Jan. 28 after months of consideration about the move. 

“It had to do a lot with what the market was looking like at the time,” Koberstein said. “Everyone’s been shopping online for the past year, but now people are slowly starting to come back in. We’ve added some new pieces, and it seems like we’ve been seeing some new faces.” 

LK Home Decor specializes in upcycling furniture, taking pieces that aren’t being used and giving them a second life. Every piece of furniture found in the store has either been painted, upcycled or built from scratch.

About 75 percent of the products in the store are created by Koberstein, Banks, Koberstein’s sister Alyssa Britton and another employee. They mainly focus on crafting custom farmhouse tables, dining room sets and decorative signs.

Koberstein plans to utilize their newfound extra space to provide classes for the community. 

In the past LK Home Decor has taught calligraphy classes and had a “build-your-own-wreath” event. Once the backroom of the new space is finished, Koberstein plans to host monthly classes.

“We are going to carry our own paint line soon, which is the same paint we use for all our furniture,” Koberstein said.  “We’ll have people bring their own furniture then teach them how to paint it. COVID kind of put a hold on all that, but we’re working back to get everything up and running.”

Other products include handbags, clothing, floral, pillows, throws, soaps and other decorations. They come from eight different local vendors. 

“Before we started our business, we attended 10 to 12  markets throughout Ohio a year, and we met a lot of people that way. It’s kind of a combination of us seeking them and them seeking us, and us meeting people through local events,” Koberstein said.

She credits markets like these for much of LK Home Decor’s success. In July 2020, LK Home Decor hosted its own market at the Ashland County Fairgrounds, the Fresh Picks Vendor Market. Forty-five vendors displayed their products at the market last year, and over 2,000 people attended.

This year, Koberstein is planning to host an even larger market. The 2021 Fresh Picks Vendor Markets boasts 75 vendors, live music, food trucks, demonstrations, photo sessions and more. 

“The way we got to where we were was from doing stuff like this,” Koberstein said. “Some people are new with this kind of thing and others are experienced.

“We like to try and give those people who are just starting out, a chance to be discovered. Bring people in and let them see what you sell and kind of take your business off.”

The Fresh Picks Vendor Market will be open May 6 and 7.  Tickets can be purchased on

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