London Gates Review 2021- Not Sure About What Forex Broker To Pick? Here’s Why You Should Pick This Broker.(

It is hard to find a reliable trading platform. Some brokers may be great, but they will have fees that are pretty high. There is a good chance you will find the same broker with lower fee, but it is not easy to find one. 

When I stepped into the world of trading at first I was devastated by the forex scams and wanted to find a good broker that can provide me with all the trading tools and features I need. Since there are so many forex brokers out there, it is hard to pick one. And how am I supposed to choose between them? That was until I found this London Gates broker.

I have tried many different brokers, but they are all pretty much the same. I always wanted a broker that can set me up for success, but not this one. London Gates stands out from them as it is so unique and unlike any other brokers I have tried so far.

Bu the real question is that there are hundreds of Forex brokers out there offering all types of forex trading tools and platforms, so how should I or you choose the Best Forex broker?

The answer is simple. This review will help you to find Why London Gates is a good choice for beginner traders.

Take a look at these reasons:

  • The London Gates platform gives you the opportunity to trade 24/5 using your desktop or mobile device.
  • London Gates offers one of the highest leverage on the market up to 1:1000, and with great number of assets, including CFDs, which can be traded at no extra cost. The education center that has EBooks, glossary, and FAQ and illustrations provide you all the information needed for start trading.
  • London Gates offers Over 400 instruments to trade on, from more than 60 brokers worldwide.

All these reasons are what make London gates broker among the best ones on the market!

Now let’s further dive deep into the services it provides and the trading features it has that makes this platform stand out among others.

London Gates as a Trading Platform:

London Gates mission is to reach new traders and provide them helpful information on trading Forex market. They are also committed to support their clients by publishing quality educational material daily and at no cost! So you can receive guidance from a professional trader or maybe even learn something about trading.

It is not easy to choose a good broker, but if you keep your mind open and check the trading platform first, then you will have no problem with choosing a reliable one. Look for the best educational material and trading tools only on trusted brokers. London Gates can provide all of that.

London Gates has done a great job expanding their services all across the world, It means – wherever you are (in Europe, Africa or Asia) London Gates is a great choice since there’s always an efficient support team to assist and talk in your language, and simultaneously deposit/withdrawal is possible through PayPal or Local Bank Transfer.

I found the registration process easy and quick. Clicking the “register” button took me to their site and start the process immediately. During the registration process, there is no mention of anything regarding the leverage. The only information given is on how to deposit and withdraw money. 

The trading platforms are available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and German. I think they should add more dialects like Italian and Portuguese and some others. The good news is that the trading platforms are available on a wide range of different devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs using desktops or laptops. I personally prefer to use my smartphone to check the price action when I’m commuting, so it’s very convenient to have a trading platform on my phone.

Educational Material:

Forex can be very risky if you don’t have the right information at hand. As it’s a financial market, you should have some basic knowledge before investing in it. The platform offers educational courses online for free so that everyone who is interested can learn more about this subject. You will find useful tips and hints on how to make money online while trading currencies.

There are plenty of trading education material provided by this broker with video tutorials about basic to advanced topics that will help customers learn or refresh their knowledge regarding Forex trading. However, I felt like when I was finished with reading all the eBooks I was hoping that they would upgrade their materials so that I can keep on learning new things but they have not done it so far yet.

Payment Methods:

Registering with London Gates company doesn’t take a lot of time as all you need is to fill in the registration form and make your first deposit. You can choose from several deposit methods including MasterCard and Visa cards. 

When using the MasterCard option, all deposits are credited with 0% commission fee from London Gates. You can get your bonus right away after making a transaction, no matter what amount you have deposited to your account! And if you choose Visa credit card you will also receive a nice bonus.

In order to prevent the fraud they do need some personal information like your ID number and address proof. That’s not a problem for most of traders, it just takes a couple of minutes to fill in that information which is mandatory. The signup process was pretty simple overall.

Trading chart and tools:

The Trading chart of London Gates is really easy to use. You will be able to trade without any difficulty even if you are a complete beginner. It is very intuitive and user friendly. The Trading Chart has a smart design which allowed me to make my own strategy from scratch or the one of London Gate to use, I would just choose the tab with the name of the currency pair that I wanted to trade and could easily start enjoying trading. 

The chart clearly shows all bid and ask prices along with trend lines as well as candles and price columns. The nice thing is that I can customize my chart for my own needs, choose the colors, alter them according to the market situation or even switch between black and white themes if I wanted to increase/decrease concentration of fine details. This broker also offers a lot of technical indicators that are very useful when trading.

Customer Service:

The customer support at this broker is what I would call top notch, because when you are trading with your own money, you want to be sure that the support team at the broker is there for you and will help you resolve any questions or issues quickly. London Gates has a team of 24/5 highly trained customer support members who are very knowledgeable.

I had an issue in my trading but the support team resolved it for me and I was able to continue with my trading as planned. All of the customer service members are available in several different languages which is useful if you speak another language besides English. My account manager helped me to set up all the trading I needed, they were fast and efficient. Each time we talk he gives me updated information on my account, which is reassurance that everything is going according to plan in my account.

How many times have you had an issue and then been left on hold for more than 20 minutes? What about never even getting a call back, or the worst case scenario is that you are left in the dark and your money is on the line. That’s why I choose to trade with a broker that has quick response times, helpful customer support online. And London Gates is the one who has never let me down in this particular scenario. 


Assets are very important to every trader, there are some options in Forex asset market, and you will be able to trade on virtually everything. It’s not always easy to choose what assets are the best for your investment needs. Around 30% of Forex traders never open a position because they don’t have enough time and knowledge for it, but with London Gates trading platform, you will be able to trade in a good and easy way. London Gates offers you the possibility of trading on almost any asset type available.  Commodities, Currencies, Stocks, Indices, ETFs and even more sophisticated instruments are offered by this platform.


London Gate is a great broker for traders who want to gain more profit with as low risk of losing their money. I like this platform because it is easy and it has best features that makes trading so much simpler. London gate provides excellent education materials for the traders to learn everything about Forex and this makes me feel like I’m in a classroom learning from a professor, not from a “book”. Everything on their website is clear and understandable. They are providing also professional training with good support that is very important for newcomer. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.