NYC Parking Tickets Are All Over the News

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More parking tickets are being issued than ever – why???

It’s been all over the news – Fox 5’s John Deutzman’s story revealed
that parking tickets are being issued with false addresses. If these
addresss really existed, they’d be blocks into the Atlantic Ocean. ABC’s
Nina Pineda covered drivers who’d received parking tickets while
handing over their vehicles to valet parking attendants outside
expensive NYC restaurants. Drivers have complained that they’ve been
receiving parking tickets in the time it takes them to exit their cars
(quarters in hand) and get to the parking meter. But what is the
connecting thread?

The quotas that are never satisfied

There have long been rumors that there are quotas that must be met
be NYC police officers and traffic agents regarding traffic and parking
summonses. In the past year, a city arbitrator has declared these
rumors fact. In a closed-door union-grievance hearing, police officers
testified that they were given specific directions by their superiors to
issue set numbers of parking and other traffic violations or face
disciplinary action. It now seems clear that those who issue parking
tickets are willing to falsify addresses, pounce on unsuspecting
motorists without even giving them what should be the mandatory time
to feed a meter and otherwise give out tickets unfairly, just to satisfy
the quotas. Apparently, it doesn’t matter that the tickets are completely
bogus, only that they are written.

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