OpenSocial Applications Increases Your Social Media Mileage

Thinking of improving your social media presence? Use OpenSocial, a web technology that makes it possible for you to publish your personal profiles, applications and other web contents in multiple social networking sites in just one go. Whether your are a company, a professional service provider, a job seeker or just an ordinary individual, making yourself stand out in social media sites brings many great benefits.

If you have presence in only one site, you are not tapping into the rich marketing potential that is available in others. If you do have pages and contents in several sites, but each is separately managed, you are not getting the excellent benefits from an inter-platform system. OpenSocial makes your pages and contents accessible in multiple networks, including Twitter, hi5, Orkut, Bebo, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning, Oracle,, and imeem.

With Open Social networks you become visible to members of other websites who may not be active in your favorite site. Certain regions prefer one site over another: some European countries prefer Orkut, while hi5 is popular among Latin American netizens.

Use OpenSocial to publish a blog showcasing your business’s services or your professional talents and skills. Or tweet messages and elicit replies from customers to widen your brand. Whatever you choose to do, OpenSocial will make it easy to get your message out to thousands, and perhaps millions.

Why you should use OpenSocial

Write once, re-write easily for others. Open Social networking experts need not write long application codes for each website’s development platform. Once a code is done for one website, developers can reuse it with only minor changes to make it compatible with others. This cuts development time by more than half, enabling clients like you to go live more quickly.

Distribute broadly. Users open themselves up to a good number of social networking giants namely (aside from the ones named above), Google+,, Plaxo, Six Apart, Tianji, XING,, Ning, Friendster, Viadeo, and Hyves. More companies are expected to partner soon.

Third-party components. OpenSocial supports third-party plug-ins and applications. Because of this, developers have less need to develop their own plug-ins, allowing clients in turn to save precious time and money.

Third-party services include custom theme, plug-in, application, page and forum development.

OpenSocial increases your online exposure by distributing your personal profiles, applications and other contents to several social networking sites in just one go. Widen your client base, boost your chances of getting hired by your ideal company or get your blog noticed by industry bigwigs-you can accomplish any of these easily and quickly with OpenSocial.

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