Petco’s New Halloween 2021 Costumes For Dogs, Cats, & Small Pets Are Hilarious

So much energy goes into coming up with costume ideas each Halloween. But often pets get forgotten in the fun. Now they don’t have to. Not when you have Petco to provide the best costumes for every size, shape, and species. From snakes to guinea pigs, puppies to kittens, Petco has Halloween costumes covered for all of your fur (and scale) babies.

Better yet? There’s plenty of time to track down your favorite looks. Say you and your fam are doing a whole family cowboy theme this year. No need to exclude Sir Sheds-a-Lot, your snake. He too can get in on the ensemble look with a cowboy costume Petco is selling this year. That’s right, there’s a costume for snakes! And it’s rootin’ tootin’ hilarious! As are basically all of Petco’s many Halloween costumes for pets.

The vibe here is maximum entertainment for minimal cost. Oh sure, you could DIY your basset hound into a toilet paper mummy, but really that’s just going to waste TP and send your dog into howling overdrive. Instead, check out Petco’s options, which go on sale in their “Bootique” on August 10, and find your pup a comfy costume he won’t fight to get out of all night. It’ll provide ample laughs and spare you an evening searching your closets for any extra toilet paper.

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You have to give Petco credit, the store’s pet costumes are very inclusive. Case in point, this bearded dragon cowboy costume. Let your lizard can say “howdy partner” in this tiny cowboy hat and matching bandana.


Batman and Wonder Woman

If you think your puppies are superheroes, then they certainly need costumes to match their personalities. Petco’s Batman and Wonder Woman suits make your dogs the ultimate crime fighting duo.



If your dog’s bark matches his bite, perhaps he needs to channel another ferocious animal this Halloween, in, say, this T-Rex costume. Dress up your pup in this Jurassic look for a seriously fierce night of trick-or-treating.



If your kitty is sweet as a rose, then why not dress her up as something from the garden? Petco’s flower kitty costume is basically a necklace for your cat. So you can be equally amused by her at once looking adorable and deranged as she tries to tear it off.



Remember David the Gnome? The 1990s Nickelodeon classic made gnome lovers out of a generation of Millennials. Now you can bring your gnome appreciation to your pup. On All Hallows Eve dress him up in this gnome suit with one of the whimsical garden creatures riding your dog’s hind parts.


Headless Horseman

Puss in Boots is so last year. For 2021, dress your cat as the headless horseman. Well, actually, in this case, your cat plays his trusty steed with a headless horseman riding bareback on top. Trying to take a photo of this costume without totally cracking up.


Hot Dog

The pet hotdog costume is a classic. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Snuggle your pup into this, er, pup and head out for a night of collecting candy knowing that your dog will stay plenty warm in this costume that doubles as a cozy sweater.



If it’s your cat’s house and you’re just paying rent, then by all means crown them king of the castle they so clearly are with this king cat costume. This set includes a charming cape and crown to match to produce a fully regal effect.


Marie Antoinette

If you have another kitty in your house, then why not make your cats a royal couple? That’s easy to do with this ridiculously hilarious Marie Antoinette cat costume. Yes, you read that right. The last queen of France before the French Revolution can be reimagined in feline form thanks to this costume complete with a pouf wig to match.



Does your dog have the demeanor of a baby but thinks he’s as fierce as a jungle creature? Then make his dream come true by dressing him up as a tiger this Halloween. This jacket costume has a full stuffed tiger head so your pup can really go undercover.



If your kitten gets into trouble all the time, then put him in proper pinstripes like the criminal he is. This prisoner cat costume even comes with a wrap sheet you can put around your cat’s next and personalize their crime.



Shark week doesn’t have to end. You can stretch it all the way to Halloween with this tiny shark costume for your pet. A fuzzy fin attached to a body color complete with matching blue leash can even take a Jaws cat out for a walk to scare all of your neighbors.


Mini Shark Costume

Not to be outdone, the shark costume also fits smaller animals. So yes, even your guinea pig can get in on the fun with this Petco Halloween costume.



If your pet is so incredibly special that they sometimes feel like a magical

Need more ideas for great pet Halloween gear? Head to Petco for all the ghoulish goodies.