Pink flamingos, gnomes and antiques

Carol McLeod

I was examining some articles or blog posts the other day and arrived across a bit of info that astonished me. Definitely shocked me.

If you could guess where by pink flamingos as back garden ornaments originated, where would you say?

The selections were Bermuda, New York, Florida and Massachusetts.

So, of study course, I know the response to this – Florida. It has to be Florida, right?

Improper. Oh, so incorrect.

Now this specific bit of details delivers you, on yet another site obviously, the remedy. But let’s glimpse at the other choices. Next in line, for some unusual motive, I would have imagined Bermuda. If not Florida, then Bermuda.

That was incorrect, also.

No, that notorious ornament people like to set out in their yards and in some cases gown up in vacation outfits started out in Massachusetts.