Psychic Chat Online – Choose the Best Service for you

Though most professional psychics and psychic mediums around the world are self-proclaimed, their popularity and number keep on increasing over the years, largely contributed and assisted by the media, technology and the internet. There are now thousands of websites dedicated to psychic readings based on Tarots, Pyschometry, Numerology, and online chats. Here are some of the bigger, more popular psychic chat websites on the internet.

Delphi Psychic Chat Community ( This is one of the largest psychic chat online sites and online psychic chat communities. The website, started by British psychic-mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker, is intended for the purpose of general chatting, and chat about psychic experiences, with the primary focus on spirituality, grief support and comforting friendships. Basic chat is free but you have to pay a little fee to upgrade to M+ Psychic Chat membership.

Universal Psychic Guild ( This website offers readings by psychics, clairvoyants, and tarot readers including astrology reports, free horoscopes, articles, etc. It features free psychic chat and private psychic chat with an expert (which is paid). They also have an added bonus at the end of your session – a transcription of the private chat that is emailed to you so that you can review your session.

Psychic Chat Tarot Readings ( In addition to live and on-demand psychic readings, dream interpretation, spells etc in private chat rooms, this website also offers email readings according to preference. However, the email reading is considerably expensive ($49.95) in comparison to the cost of live reading times.

Psychic Contact ( This is a live psychic chat reading website that has been around for seven full years. In addition to chat reading, it also includes phone reading and email reading. There is a promotional free 10 minute psychic chat, but in order to limit the amount of requests for free Readings, the website requires personal information and credit card number.

Absolutely Psychic ( The website features psychics, clairvoyants, astrologers and tarot card readings via private chat rooms or over the telephone by appointment. You can also watch their “master psychics” on Free Psychic Reading Chat Party doing 5 minutes free readings. Psychic reading is primarily phone-based, and most of their psychics on the website are available only on phone.

Psychic Chat Network ( A psychic chat network that offers multiple chat rooms with actions, sound effects, and insert-able mini-pics etc. where you can chat with psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, savants, mystics, tarot readers, rune readers and other people. Membership is free.

Psychic Insights Chat Rooms ( This website is a chat room dedicated to a community of psychics, mystics, mediums, healers and people of many different spiritual venues. The main feature here is that you can chat with the psychics (if they are online) before you hire them. Other services include Free Basic Psychic Development Classes, Community Forums, Free Advice Forum, Psychic Voice Chat and Phone Reading.

Psychic Chat with Kat ( This website includes almost everything related to psychics such as Astrology, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Celtic Cross Tarot Readings, Dream Interpretation, Holistic Healing, Purification, Psychic, Spirit Guides and Spirit Guide Messages and Sign. It focuses mainly on live chat with psychic Katja, with different reading times – from $20.95 for 15 minutes, to $65.95 for an hour.

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