Social Media Tips – Exposing the Real Customer Through Integrated Business Practices

Social media platforms focus on building on-line communities of people who share common interest and activities. Businesses, organizations, and even churches today are part of the online social landscape. Most services provide a way for users to interact such as e-mailing. These platforms are used by millions of people for communicating and sharing information. Popular sites include: My Space, Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are many reasons why companies are using new media sites and tools. In today’s marketing world, with the use of behavioral marketing, companies want to understand their customers and meet their needs through every aspect possible. One way this is accomplished is through blogging and micro-blogging on Twitter. A blog is a conversation between a company and its customers. Blogs provide the opportunity for companies to develop pa relationship with their customers. Communicating directly with customers can tell a business what the customer likes, dislikes, and give them the opportunity to provide positive and negative feedback concerning their experience with the company. It is important for businesses to use this time to engage with customers because ultimately they can make or break a business.

Social platforms can be used throughout a company, not just for one particular department. Today’s Web 2.0 integrated organization allows every department to be involved with their social media efforts. If a company has a blog, and a customer asks a question related to technology, chances are the accounting department would not be able to give an accurate answer as the technology department would. This lends to the reasoning of having members of each department collaborating with customers through the social networking platforms.

Social media sites play an important role in the business world today. Despite the fact social media sites create an opportunity for a circle of friends; social media can also decrease a person’s exposure to people that are considered “not so friendly.” Not everyone is a people person. For an introverted person, avoiding direct contact with people is a plus. But, give them the opportunity to connect through an online environment and they may shine brighter than any other. If you are out to attract prospective customers, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

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