Travel Nurse Jobs in South Carolina: Your Gateway to Work and Explore

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You might have heard many things regarding best travel nurse jobs in South Carolina. And yes, travel nurses are now being hired there. Demands for nurses are going up and they need more services from nurses so they are now accepting applicants. If you are a nurse, you might like to consider working as a travel nurse in South Carolina.

South Carolina is a place where you can pursue your love for shopping. Their downtown is filled with shops where you can shop for things to your heart’s desire. Their pubs and restaurants can offer you a variety of performances from jazz to rock music, and you will surely enjoy your meal with these setups. 

Given the idea of what it is like in South Carolina, let’s discuss the process and benefits of being a travel nurse so you can start your journey with your work and explore South Carolina further.  

Who is Qualified to be a Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse should have an active Registered nurse license. This will be the number one requirement if you are planning to be a travel nurse. Apart from the RN license, some states also require you to have certifications on  Basic life support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Getting certificates on where you specialize in will also be a relevant document when applying. 

Are Fresh Nursing Graduates Allowed to Become a Travel Nurse?

Most facilities and travel nurse agencies require one year experience. This is because they would want someone who has already hands on experience in handling patients. Experience counts a lot since a nurse’s duties involve saving people’s lives.

How Much can a Travel Nurse Earn? 

Salary of a travel nurse would depend on some factors such as location, specialization, years of experience and even the size of the healthcare employer. Charleston and the Low Country of South Carolina has higher pays for travel nurses. Travel nurses earn 10% to 30% more compared with regular nurses whose pay can reach up to $56,000 annually. Apart from the pay, travel nurse also can reap other benefits such as :

  • Short-term disability  and affordable life insurance

Insurances are important in securing nurses especially with their line of work. They are more exposed to diseases since they work in medical facilities. Their workload can also lower down their immune system. Having insurance can aid them when they need it in the future. 

  • Housing 

Since travel nurses will be working away from home, they will be needing a shelter where they can rest after their shift. Some housing in South Carolina is cheap, it usually costs 23% below the national average. Although travel nurse agencies offer housing for their travel nurse, you can have an option to choose your place and just use the housing stipend. Scouting a place even before reaching South Carolina will be a good idea so everything will be ready once you arrive. Choose a place where you can explore the beauty of South Carolina. 

  • Discounts on Theme Parks and Other Entertainment Facilities

Your agency knows that one reason why you choose travel nurse jobs in South Carolina—it is that you want to enjoy a new place while working. That’s why they provided discount coupons for you to enjoy their theme parks, movie theaters and many other attractions. They know that nurses need breaks too, therefore, they provided a way to be able to give you a break to recharge before going back to your shift again.  

If you choose travel nurse jobs in South Carolina you can enjoy touring nature’s park or dining in on their restaurants to have a taste of their cuisine. Isn’t it a great opportunity to be able to explore South Carolina and practice your profession at the same time? Work and pleasure is often hard to balance especially if you want to consider travelling outside your state or country.

Travel Nurse jobs in South Carolina can be your ticket in attaining this goal. Better start preparing for earning your credentials so you can be ready to grab this opportunity. Contact your travel nurse agency and inquire about their packages that fit you. Start preparing to become a travel nurse now.