What Is Social Media SEO?

To answer the question, “What is social media SEO?” Perhaps I first need to attempt a definition of what social media is. It is social networks which clearly include Facebook, Google+ and others. It also includes Twitter and social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg and Stumble Upon. Then there is Wikipedia, wikihow and wiki answers, along with Yahoo! and its answers and social networks.

Social media SEO is getting your site into all these sites or at least the ones that people tend to use a lot, by bookmarking pages, adding comments and generally promoting your site. Of course comments should be relevant to the posts and should also add information so that your site (you always get to leave your URL) seems authoritative on topics related to its niche. This is important. You want to create a higher profile for your site so that it rises in the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS), so you shouldn’t write negative comments on sites which have comments posted by your competitors. What you are trying to do is create a positive image for your site as well as having it climb the SERPS. Don’t resort to comments which can be construed as spam, as this simply serves to irritate people.

You need to build up a business profile on both Facebook and Google+ which is now open to businesses. These are the two major players in the social media network field without a doubt. Google+ membership may not help with clients immediately as it only has 40 million or so users currently, while Facebook says that it has 800 million active users with more people joining every day, but Google+ is an arm of the Google empire, which includes its search engine, which is important because with a high profile on its SERPS your business will theoretically expand because it is more visible the higher up those pages it is ranked.

All the social network media sites provide webmasters with backlinks to their site which are necessary to rise in the SERPS. You basically ignore these valuable links at your peril. Part of SEO is about getting as many reputable and relevant backlinks to your site as possible, and doubtless Google will rank those who are in its social network more highly than others in their SERPS. It can do this by tying together all the +1 hits you have on your pages and on your site, which will ultimately secure a rise in your SERPS position.

To have a presence on all social network sites means you have to spend a lot of time typing in comments that are relevant and interesting and review certain posts, and this is where you could utilize a good SEO service, as they offer to put your pages on social bookmarking pages as a separate package, and depending on how many links you want, such a service can be bought for around a hundred dollars, which is a good long-term investment in your site.

Social media SEO is a very valuable tool for any online business and SEO companies can utilize it for you in a way that will increase you site’s SEO much quicker that you could. Paying out a relatively small sum for such a service will be a good long-term investment in your site. Why not check out some prices today?

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