What to Consider in Getting a Wholesale 4 carat Round Engagement Ring in Dallas

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Deciding on what engagement ring to give is a struggle because of so many choices we can see online. We also have to consider a lot of factors to be able to get the right one. Educating yourself about diamonds, even the basic ones, is also a necessity since buying diamonds requires a lot of money, and getting the wrong one will not be good. People who want to buy diamonds and buy bulk for their business also find it hard to get a good catch. Learning about diamonds will be ideal for them so they can have a background on what they are purchasing especially for business so they have to get the perfect one to get more customers.  Wholesale 4-carat round engagement rings in Dallas  jewelry stores are now open for dealing, you might want to consider this type of diamond for your business. 

Before buying diamonds to sell it is wise to know the 4cs of a diamond. These are cut color, clarity, and carat. These 4cs can determine the authenticity of diamonds as well as prove their quality. 

Things to Know About the 4cs of Diamond 

Diamond Color 

The color of diamonds are categorized by letters and these are as follows: 

  • D, E, and F  are the colorless grade among the diamonds. They are the most expensive ones.
  • G, H, I, and J are the nearly colorless grade.
  • K, L, and M are the faint colored diamonds
  • N, O, P, Q, and R are a very light color 
  • S to Z is the light color 

The more colorless the diamond the more expensive so they are always recommended. For a 4 carat Round Engagement Ring the ideal color would be G to I since they are close to colorless but less expensive, therefore they are the best choice. 

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of diamonds is categorized on its being flawless, the more flawless the better. Blemishes on the diamond are called inclusions. Clarity is graded as follows:

  • Flawless is the top category of Diamond clarity. 
  • Internally flawless are diamonds that are clear on the interior. 
  • Very, very slightly (VVS) Included has two types VVS1 and VVS2 they have inclusions that only skilled grader can see. 
  • Very Slight (VS) Included has two types VS1 and VS2. Their inclusions can only be seen if magnified by a skilled grader. 
  • Slightly Included has two types SI1 and SI2. Their inclusions can be seen under 10X magnification. 
  • Included (I) has three types I1, I2, and I3. Their inclusions are obvious under 10X magnification and can affect transparency and brilliance. 

For a 4 carat Round Engagement Ring the ideal clarity will be VS2 since its inclusions can be invisible to the naked eye, then it will not be too obvious when the ring is worn. 


Cutting diamonds should only be done by experts otherwise they can be damaged or even totally break. Buy from producers who are known to have diamond cutter experts. With this, you can guarantee that the diamonds you are buying are durable because they are properly cut. Properly cut diamonds have a lesser tendency to chip. Since you will purchase a 4 carat round diamond engagement rings make sure the cuts are proportioned. 

Diamond Carat 

Diamonds are priced per carat, each carat price depends on the quality of the diamond. Make sure the carat of the  4 carats Round Engagement Ring you are buying is more than  4.0 carat and not less. 

Checking on the 4cs of Diamond for 4 carats Round Engagement Ring can guide you in buying the right diamond and be worth your money. Be observant when buying diamonds especially when they are for selling. Find a producer whom you can trust and consult anytime you have any questions about diamonds. Producers who are legit would be open to any discussion about diamonds and would be willing to assist you in any way they can. 

Choosing the right producer where to purchase Wholesale 4 carat Round Engagement Ring in Dallas, Texas is hard since there are a lot to choose from but by using the tips given to you. You will be able to find a partner whom you can count on and get the quality diamond you are looking for.