5 Key Features To Look For In a VPS Hosting Provider

Due to increasing demand, web hosting services are available in abundance in the market. Along with numerous service providers, there are multiple types of hosting services available. There is shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and more!

One popular Web Hosting solution is VPS server hosting, known for its flexibility and scalability.  Read on to understand the 5 VPS hosting features that are considered crucial for a VPS hosting provider.

What is VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is a unique web hosting solution.

VPS hosting consists of one physical server that is virtually divided into multiple parts to host multiple websites at the same time. This gives you the benefits of shared hosting (low price) as well as dedicated hosting (secluded environment). 

5 Non-Negotiable Features Of VPS Hosting Provider

  1. Flexible and Scalable Resources

Scalability matters a lot! When one builds a website, they expect it to grow. 

As the traffic increases, the resources start falling short and it creates various issues in the server and website, leading to lagging, slow-loading, and downtime. A scalable server allows you to increase the amount of resources as per requirement.

Along with that, the server must be flexible and adapt to all the different types of resources and software tools in order to provide seamless hosting.

  1. Consistent Uptime

Uptime determines the reliability of the server provider and the success of the website. 

It refers to the amount of time your website is active, available to respond, and functioning properly. Your VPS hosting provider should ensure a consistent uptime. 

You can also check the history of your provider, talk to previous customers, and read reviews to verify any claims when looking for VPS Hosting providers.

  1. 24/7 Tech Support

Technical issues are very common in website hosting. If you detect any issue, you will need immediate support as it may result in your website going offline or data loss. 

We do not want that! This is why your VPS provider should be available 24/7 to resolve your worries. They should be capable of solving any and every problem you have and be able to do it quickly!

  1. Root Access

Root access is vital! It is utilized when one needs to make changes in the configuration of the website, software tools, updation, deletion, installation, or anything related to the server. Ensure the provision of root access!

  1. Additional Resources

The most important additional resource is security! Security is extremely important for the well-being of your website. Along with a secluded environment, you need to have an SSL certificate, data backup tools, recovery provisions, regular monitoring and reporting, tools to detect and eliminate threats, etc. 

Apart from security, you also need adaptability with various operating systems, cPanel access, antivirus software, firewall, and necessary hosting software.

Summing It Up

Whenever you plan to buy or subscribe to any service, you should always look into customer reviews, key features, pros/cons, the service provider’s reputation and other factors before committing. The same analogy applies when looking for a VPS Hosting provider.

So. always be sure to check the 5 non-negotiable features mentioned above before buying a VPS Hosting solution.  

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