Key Web Hosting Things You Must Keep an Eye Out For

Businesses have become more digitally savvy in the past few years, showing how important an online presence is for business growth and survival. Industry sources say that the number of websites being made has skyrocketed, with about 252,000 new ones going live daily. With this in mind, the demand to buy domain names and hosting from the best web hosting in Australia is growing very quickly. Hence, it is important to stay updated on significant technological changes that will affect the business’s future. 

This blog summarises important Australian web host changes that website owners and people who make technology decisions need to keep a close eye on.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly ‘Green’ Hosting 

Web hosting depends on massive data centres and servers devoting substantial energy to run 24/7. Additional power is utilised for cooling systems and security mechanisms. Extensive electricity usage contributes to environmental harm.

Green web hosting providers power their VPS in Australia through renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro instead of fossil fuels. Such clean energy-powered hosting allows companies to align with sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprints. Expect more climate-friendly hosting services leveraging renewable energy to go mainstream soon.

Highly User-Friendly Website Builders

Code-free website creators like Wix, Webflow and Squarespace will further simplify processes for beginners through intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. The focus will be to offer user-friendly offerings to enterprises that want to rapidly build professional sites by merely inputting basic details into an app.

Seamless omni-channel connectivity will also gain priority for enabling integrated customer experiences. Expect builders to offer smoother integrations with platforms like online stores, email services and social media.

Emergence of New Domain Extensions

The common domain types like .com, .org and .net will soon get exhausted as available names reduce substantially. Companies will thereby be compelled to look beyond the norm when registering domains.

Moreover, with people increasingly using search engines, the exact name in a domain loses relevance. New domain extensions like .store, .shop and .cloud will gain adoption if the market demonstrates enough interest. Using shorter domains could also prevail for simplicity.

Higher Prominence of Cybersecurity

As digital transformation accelerates across industries, so do cyber threats. Discussions around security measures like mandatory SSL certificates, data regulations compliance and measures against threats will become more mainstream.

There will also be a marked preference for managed hosting services since dedicated IT staff can focus exclusively on tasks like upgrades, monitoring servers and malware detection. This enables companies to concentrate resources on core business priorities.

Outsourcing Server and Website Maintenance

Maintaining hosting infrastructure and keeping websites updated demands consistent technical efforts. Instead of handling this themselves, owners will prefer platforms providing backend server support.  

Now and beyond, outsourcing specialised agencies to handle such technical website and server responsibilities will rise substantially. Their expertise will result in higher efficiency.

Increase in Reseller Hosts 

Instead of just referring to hosting plans, web designers and developers may focus more on becoming resellers. This allows them to sell plans directly to clients under their brandings. Considering the website creation boom, specialised reseller hosting plans will expand as small web agencies broaden their service capabilities.


With web hosting in Australia accelerating, staying in tune with the latest technology trends becomes critical. Keep a vigilant eye on speed, security, usability and sustainability developments that shape industry growth. Select Australian web hosting providers who align offerings with emergent innovations.

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