Bitteks 2021 review: How The Trading Platform “Bitteks” Works And What It Offers?(

I worked in a restaurant as a waiter, the pay was extremely low. If that was not enough, I was in an accident because of which I lost my job and was told that i need to take full bed rest for more than 6 months. This news was came as a shock to me since I was the only bread earner and had a family to take care of, basically I was left with no option. I tried this and that but nothing worked out for me. One fine day, my friend asked me if I can get some free time to go through his Forex trading system which he learned from Bitteks’s educational material and told him that yes you can get a lot of things done in forex trading

I was skeptical and confused at first since I didn’t the first word of Forex. Also, because when it comes to trading online there are many risks in investing. There are many scams that have left people with nothing and that is why I was afraid to step in this whole new world of trading for me and I wasn’t sure whether this trading thing will work for me or not.

After listening to that my friend said that there is nothing called “Nothing Can be Done” it’s always either you can do something or you cannot ,it’s never nothing, so better don’t talk like a loser and go ahead with this platform most basic account type which was “Silver”. I was in very bad condition, financially and mentally. The only reason I accepted to try the platform with the silver account type because I knew that if it works out for me then at least I am going to get a stable source of income each month no matter how less it would be, but if it doesn’t work out then I won’t be losing much since its minimum deposit required $250.

But before opening an account I wanted to make sure that I actually know few things about trading. I didn’t want to do something blindly and to lose forex capital. I didn’t wanted to take so much risk in the beginning. That why I decided to read few things about trading on internet. I also found a few courses for beginners. They were good and helped me understand the process but I decided to make things on my own. I was sure that if I will get everything clear in my head then I can continue with forex trading using Bitteks platform.

Now I can say that choice was very good from my part. There are many reasons for this like: great customer support, well-made educational material, easy trading platform etc.

I will try go through all the important features that includes all the services, tools and their customer service in as much detail as possible. Let’s start off with how you can register yourself with this platform.

Registration Process:

Bitteks is a good looking platform, but it’s not for complete newbies. In case you are looking for something simple and juvenile then this platform might be the wrong place to be at. You can register on their site only through email verification; you have to send an email from your registered email account with your full name, date of birth, location and some basic information. They will check your account and grant access to the platform after approving you as an account holder.

The whole registration process only takes few minutes to complete. After registration you will be assigned an account manager to answer any questions for your trading platform needs. The account manager is always available 24/5 and you can send him personal messages in the live chat.

Also, if you are thinking about your personal information being leaked or stolen:

Bitteks offers one of the most secure environments in the online Forex trading systems. They do not share any information under no circumstance except with their managers, that too when it is only needed to resolve your issue you might be facing in regards of your account. So, when it comes to the security of your personal data, Bitteks is unbeatable.

You can know more about the security and legal terms of Bitteks at its website or FAQ page, but essentially, like any other Forex trading system, there are no risks to be taken over your investment; this is a secure environment for you to trade.

Customer Service:

I cannot emphasize enough on how important is customer service when it comes to selecting a forex broker and especially during trading periods when the market is volatile. It really does not matter if you can make 500% returns in 2 weeks, you will have no clients at all if your customer service sucks!!

But when I came to now that Bitteks provide one of the best customer services, I was ecstatic to be a part of them. Since, I was novice when I started trading and I knew that I will be a lot more help and guidance. Let me tell you first in which ways you can contact them and ask for any sort of help relating to trading.

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Submit a question Forum

Let’s start off with how I find their live chat option. It’s very easy to use.

I asked a question quite quickly and the answer I got was short but clear and we had a small chat (which is great of course) about the system itself. That’s everything what I wanted! So top marks for live chat, really good job here from people at Bitteks as well as from the trader who was answering my question.

I also happened to use their phone call service. I opt for this option only because I didn’t have the stable internet connection and I really needed to talk to one of the representatives. When I called them, after few minutes I got the call back and talk to one of them, she was really helpful and friendly. So, the phone call service was also success for me. However, if you visit their webpage and go to their contact us page, you will see that there are only 2 phone numbers given. One is for the residents of Australia and the other for the UK. This is where I think the platform needs to expand themselves and add more countries to avail this phone call service.

I haven’t had the chance to use the “submit the question” forum nor the email but I am sure they will as good as their live chat and phone service is.

Educational Material:

As I said earlier that I wanted to educate myself with trading and everything related to it, so when I checked Bitteks educational center, I was really impressed with all the educational material that they had to offer and I decided that this is the trading platform for me.

What’s more fascinating for me was that all the educational material was available for free for any users whether or not they are registered on the platform. This really tells that this platform is not just about making people to trade but also about education. This was a good start for me because I was not an expert in trading and I was eager to learn more about how it all works.

So, the education center is divided into four sections;

  • EBooks: There are total of 12 eBooks available on this platform. Each eBook contains knowledge about forex trading, stock trading, how to invest in the stock market and a lot of helpful tips for day traders. These eBooks are for both beginners and advanced users. However if we compare the amount of eBooks available for the newbies and the advanced users, I think they lack some for the advanced users. So, I would to see some eBooks or any other educational source for the advanced users as well.
  • Glossary: The glossary was my favorite section out of all. Glossary is a list of basic terms used on trading platform. I felt happy when I saw the glossary section as it was an enlightening experience for me while using their glossary section.
  • Asset Index: When I first saw the asset index, I thought there were a lot of assets in this trading platform. It was very surprising that Bitteks has more than 200 assets available for trading. Each asset had its expiry rule and trading hours mentioned.
  • FAQ: The FAQ section was quite helpful. A lot of questions were given detailed answers. And that was a plus for me as most of the times I got lost trying to find what I’m looking for in other trading platforms’ FAQs.


Bitteks is a trading platform that cares for its customers. It provides the traders with all necessary tools to make profit from Forex market. But it doesn’t forget about beginners and people who are not playing Forex on daily basis, they get their money back in case of loss without explanation or delay. The customer service is very responsive and customer friendly.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.