Challenge Yourself With Blockudoku

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Nowadays, there are plenty of games to choose from. Whether you are looking for action games, adventure games, or puzzle games, you can easily find it online. But puzzle games are still among the most popular games. That’s because they are mind-teasing, making them healthy for your focus. They are also fun to play and addictive.

Among the most popular puzzle games is blockudoku. Blockudoku is a combination of Sudoku and a block puzzle game. You are required to remove lines and squares by matching blocks. The game is played on a 9×9 grid. You get one point for one small cell. Once you have completed a line or square, you will get extra points. The gameplay is easy, but it is also quite challenging that you may end up spending hours trying to beat your high score. 

Why should you challenge yourself with blockudoku?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should consider playing blockudoku. Well, there are plenty of benefits of playing blockudoku.

  1. It is a great source of entertainment

One of the top reasons why you should consider playing blockudoku is the fun that comes with playing it. This game will definitely keep you entertained throughout the time you will be playing it. With blockudoku, you will keep boredom at bay. 

When you are playing blockudoku, it stimulates your mind to produce pleasure hormones that can relieve your stress.

In addition to that, accomplishing different levels will make you feel elated. You will always want to play the different levels and try to accomplish the objective of the game. This can give you a sense of satisfaction. 

  1. This game can make you feel smart

Since blockudoku is a logic puzzle game, it can make you feel smart. This is probably one of the top reasons why people love playing blockudoku. The feeling you get after playing blockudoku is absolutely thrilling. Each level will make you feel like a mastermind who has conquered levels that perhaps many people haven’t been able to achieve.

  1. It can help keep you active

Another thing, blockudoku can help keep your mind active. You have to think of how you can successfully solve the puzzle. The more you think, the more your thinking skills stretch out, hence increasing your activity. So if you want to lead an active lifestyle, but you don’t want to work out, you can consider playing blockudoku puzzle game. 


The general rule for playing blockudoku is to destroy, not to build. As you continue to play blockudoku, your objective is not to build a wall but to destroy as many as you can. Most players usually make the mistake of gathering blocks, waiting for a perfect chance to drop preferred lines. But this can ruin their progress, especially as you quickly lose adequate space for new blocks. Building only takes up space on the grid. So when you don’t have space left, your game will be over. Again, since it is a logic game, logic reasoning can’t be stressed enough.