CVMarkets Review 2021 – Is there anything that sets this broker apart? (

I never wanted to become a trader. When I tell people around me that I had no intentions of becoming a trader, they are shocked. It was my dad’s dream that I take up trading as a profession just like his very old friend who was very well established by the time I was graduating. One day I met him and I was very impressed. He told me his story that he never had a huge fortune to invest but forex trading brought him quick and decent returns on investments. He said that I should look into this profession not only because my dad wanted it but also because forex trading is very thrilling and profitable if you trade the right way. 

I had always been afraid of the area. I had grown up listening to the stories of traders who lost all their fortune within seconds. I did not want to put my future at stake and that was why I always preferred to stay away from it. However, talking to him made me feel like no profession is risk-free and that if I made well-informed and well-researched strategies and worked on them properly then I could avoid the risks. 

I had been vigilant from the very start. I made sure all my decisions are well thought. While in my initial trading years  I made sure that I stayed in touch with my senior traders and discussed all with them. I had dodged many fake forex firms and they were very close to scamming me. I remember around 3 of them had me fully hooked but thanks to my seniors who kept guiding me and I never fell for the traps laid by them. But because these firms had me occupied for a long time, I know very well how fake forex firms work. 

I got to know about CVMarkets from the same guy who inspired me to join trading. He said he has been very satisfied with CVMarkets. When he was trading, traders made a massive shift towards online brokerage firms so he knew when fake firms came, how they acted, how they developed, and what they might be up to these days. He said CVMarkets makes him happy that he has trusted his future with a company that is in the market to serve the customers and not only to earn. 

I have been working with this firm for so many years now the feelings are mutual. CVMarkets has always taken good care of my trading needs and I feel good about my choice. Today, I was invited to a conference and I was asked why I picked CVMarkets and why I continue using it. I have been asked this question so many times and I always feel like a few minutes are not enough to offer a detailed answer to this question. This is why I have decided to review my forum to explain to you all what qualities and flaws this forum holds. Today, I will try that by the time we reach the end of this review, you see what makes me work with it for a long time now and why I don’t wish to switch my forex platform anytime soon.

My Experience

By now most of you must have had an idea that my working experience with the firm was good. I have been using it for years now and I have never been disappointed by the way I have been served. I have seen the firm put in the effort to make the working environment better for the traders all the time. It is this will to improve which keeps me hooked despite the fact that it has some minor flaws too. I have seen so many firms all these years and I can tell you that you will never come across any firm which is free of all sorts of shortcomings. Let’s have a look at some of the major areas that are worth discussing. 

All Under One Roof

I have always felt at ease while trading with this forum because I did not have to run here and there in search of information and assistance that I needed in order to make my decisions better. The company has ensured that the traders can fulfil all their trading needs from one forum. They have provided us with a wide range of tools and all of these are highly customizable. They have a very broad range of tradable assets and you get easy access to real-time data. Security is also something which is focused a lot. You get access to an optimal trading environment at that too, at a very affordable price.

Product Depth and Breadth

Product Depth and breadth is another important area that many firms do not focus enough on. Traders are allowed to trade a very small number of assets and this reduces the number of opportunities that come their way. CVMarkets believes that with the current amount of volatility, the traders should not be relying on one area for income; this is why they have introduced a range of different tradable assets. I have seen many traders joining the forum as forex traders or commodity traders and then expanding their portfolios and adding up more. I joined this platform as a stock trader and a few years back I made my first move into the crypto world. I think that traders should not rely on one revenue stream. Although it takes a lot to make sure that the customers don’t get trapped and all the provided assets are authentic and bring profits, the firm should be applauded for all they have done in this regard. 

Dedicated Support for Customers

Customer Support helps a company stay in the market for longer be it a company from any industry. I think that a good firm works in a way that makes the customers feel that they are not alone. It is this trust-based relationship that helps the company win the hearts of traders.  CVMarkets has always been careful about it. They run a series of interviews before they recruit these individuals and once they are selected, they have to undergo thorough training. I have always found them highly professional. The company has introduced several methods that we can use to get in touch with them like call, email, chat, and a form. The firm needs to make sure that they provide an International number so that traders from all around the world can use the call option. 

Competent Account Manager

I got an account manager when I upgraded my account a few years back. He was a young man who kept an eye on the changing trading conditions. I am forever thankful to him because he was the one who convinced me to make my first crypto deal. These traders are very competent and professional. They will never impose any opinions because they are there to recommend only. I have seen many traders benefit from these trained individuals and I think they can be a great addition. However, it would be great if the young traders get access to them because, in my opinion, they need them the most. 

No Blog Section

One shortcoming that I have noticed is that there is no blog section on the website. This section covers all the important topics and hence this is a great way to keep the traders updated so that they are well informed before making any decisions. Apart from that, the traders need not go searching for news on any other website that may or may not be reliable enough. If this section is added then it will make the forum even better. 

Support doesn’t work on Weekends

The customer support department is great like I have already discussed above but one thing that needs to be worked on is that they should make it available 24/7. The representatives can not be contacted on weekends and this keeps the traders waiting. We do not run into problems that can wait all the time. Like once, a friend of mine forgot his account password and he had to make a very big deal. He had to wait for Monday to get his account back after all the needed validation.

Concluding Remarks

CVMarkets has been a good broker for me all these years. They provided me with a very sound trading environment which gave me confidence that allowed me to excel in the area very fast. These days finding such an atmosphere is not easy. You need to put in a lot of effort and energy to get something similar. This does not mean that it had no flaws. I had to face some minor ones that did not hinder my trading significantly but working on them can make the company even better. In the end, I would like to wish you all good luck in your future.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.