InfinityCapitalG Reviews 2021 – Things You Should Consider Checking Before Investing With This Broker (

Forex trading has always been a very hard place to survive because of the volatility. With the pandemic hitting us, the conditions have become even worse because the unpredictability is touching unprecedented levels. All the time, the sword of more waves and more lockdowns is lingering over the heads of traders and we all seem hopeless in this regard. With so many problems already, the fake Forex firms are not ready to leave us alone. Their presence in the market and the Covid turbulence have made trading very hard particularly for the young ones and I see the chances of their survival going even down. 

In such circumstances, elderly and experienced traders like me want to help the young buds out there a lot and this is why I have decided to review my forex firm, InfinityCapitalG. I am hoping that my side of the account will help you all fight off the threats posed by these imposter companies. I want to tell you all before we begin, that my review is my version of the account and it might be very different from what my fellow traders think. Hence, you all should carry out thorough research and see if this one will work for you. All I can do is, highlight the major points of this one so that you know what you are signing up for. I will also try to teach you what things to look for in a broker if you are ready to invest. So let’s start with the review and see what InfinityCapitalG is like.

Overall Experience

My working experience has been satisfactory so far. The firm puts in a lot of effort to help the customers and serve them the right way but there are some minor problems that need to be looked into.

Facilitate Traders

You step out into the market and there you’ll find millions of trading firms. But the real question is which one to trust. With the development of forex brokers, the business of fake ones reached a boom and this made the choice very hard. The answer to this question is two worded and very simple. Go for the one that facilitates traders. Facilitating traders is a huge concept and it takes a lot. If a firm is determined to serve the traders only then it will put in the effort to facilitate the customers. When a trader joins a forex firm, he is doing so in the hope that he will have access to all the needed stuff at a place. 

Be them tools, instruments, superior interface, high-level security, efficient and well laid out customer support, a high number of tradable assets everything was highly satisfactory.  Provision of all these services is no easy job and hence, the one who manages to make this all possible remains in the market for the longest. My previous forex brokers failed to satisfy me for one reason or the other, but this one knew the trick to keep the traders on board. When all these services came together, I saw my trading improve a lot and I learned all the important tricks that help us make better decisions. 

Advanced Tools

If you have been trading for a small time, you would have an idea of how much-advanced tools help. These tools provide traders with resources that help us analyze the market situation better. For example, the prediction meters look at the trends of growth of a stock and then make predictions. This is where the fake firms kick in. They pre-program their indicators and show manipulated values that help them steal money without being caught. You need to be very careful because this sort of crime is very common these days. 

However, here at InfinityCapitalG, the case is different. I have compared such tools many times with the competitors’ and found them similar. Apart from this, the other tools are also technologically advanced and it can be seen that the firm is investing actively in this area. It is not only technology but I have also noticed that they have made sure that the tools are flexible and easy to customize. Such measures clearly reflect that the company wants to make sure that the traders enjoy trading and make more by better understanding the processes. The chart reading tool happens to be my favourite because it has taught me so much. The high level of customization allowed in this tool makes it distinct from the others. 

High Affordability

Affordability is another very important point that you should never skip if you want to make sure that you do not take up the least amount of money at home. You do not want a broker for yourself that is super cheap because in this case you can expect very little from the company and that is surely something you do not want. You also do not want to go for a very expensive one because what’s the point of putting in so much effort when you’ll end up giving all your profits to the hefty forex firms. This is why you should always go for something that offers you the most in a  small amount. And this is another thing I liked about this forex broker. You do not need to pay for something that you would never need or something that is beyond the scope of your trading and in an attempt of fair pricing, they have come up with multiple kinds of accounts. This helps you analyze the needs and demands of your trade so that you can pick an appropriate account and never over or underpay. If you compare the rates of this firm with those of the competitors, you will see how affordable this is. 

Use On Any Device

Trading is a process that goes on early in the morning and at midnight, on weekends and weekdays and hence the forex firm has to be very flexible so that your activity does not hinder. One of the major reasons why the traders joined online brokerage firms in such large amounts was that they allowed you to trade from the comfort of your bed. I want to emphasize enough the fact that today’s trading is nothing like it used to be and hence the forex firms need to understand this. Once they do, they will come up with new options that facilitate us more. 

InfinityCapitalG wants to make your trading even comfortable and hence it has introduced website versions for phones, tablets and of course laptops. This brings the entire market to the palm of your hand, making trading super easy. You need not carry your laptop everywhere. I also like how the websites are sufficient alone. The firms have very complex processes and protocols if you want to use different devices like installing software or getting extensions. InfinityCapitalG provided us with a  URL which is all you need to touch to get going. Apart from ease, this offers security as well because when you are not installing anything, there is a minimum threat that your device gets attacked by a virus or any external entity.  


One very important problem that forex companies do not consider is how many languages the website is available in. These days most of the firms are available in English only which needs to be worked on. I understand that it is one of the most spoken and understood languages but this is not the case with every customer. Firms like InfinityCapitalG have customers from all around the globe and they should take care of this. Currently, the website is available in one other language apart from English and this is something that should be improved fast. 

Demo Account

The company puts in a  lot to make the trading experience better but they have sort of looked over one point which is a demo account. The company does not offer a demo account to young traders. This account helps the traders understand the basics of trading first so that they do not undergo losses to learn. I feel like this should be added up soon because already survival chances for young traders are very thin. If a demo account cannot be added then the firm should consider letting the traders trade with fake money in the beginning. 


I have been trading for so many decades and I have been a customer of many forex firms. Each one of them had flaws that made trading very hard and hence the first half of my trading life was spent looking for a partner that could help me grow in the area. I know this is not an easy job but if you put in effort and dedication, then there is no way that you do not reach a firm like InfinityCapitalG. Although it has some flaws too, they will not hinder the trading process significantly. I hope you reach your forex partner soon. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.