Hannity on Democratic outrage over Joe Manchin breaking from party

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Here’s Sean Hannity.


CARLSON: Of course I did. Are you kidding?

HANNITY: Just checking. No, I did not. Anyway, thanks, Tucker.

Welcome to “Hannity.”

And tonight, despite lofty predictions from the mob, the media, life under the Biden administration, president sippy cup, it’s not all sunshine, cotton candy and rainbows.

After defunding the police, abolishing bail — America’s biggest cities, they are suffering a wave of violent crime and utter chaos. In New York City, a 10-year-old was murdered this weekend in a senseless shooting over a parking spot. In midtown Manhattan, a man attempted to rape a woman on the sidewalk in broad daylight. In California, and Amazon delivery driver reportedly killing a 67-year-old woman to check her white privilege, then proceeded to beat her senseless.

Meanwhile, the crisis at our southern border, that is getting worse by the hour. And don’t worry, though, we are now four months into the crisis and our so-called border czar, Kamala Harris, she’s all over it. Yesterday, she flew to Guatemala where she just flat out lied again and again and again.

Sara Carter on the ground in Guatemala. She will join us with an exclusive report coming up.

Also, later, I do have a special message for professional “Hannity,” FOX News stalker Humpty Dumpty and his former fake news colleague, Jen Psaki. They teamed up over the weekend. What pretty, sycophantic exchange. Of course, hating FOX in the process.

But, first, we have West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, he’s now feeling the wrath of his own party’s woke mob. Now, Manchin recently opposed SR-1, and, of course, eliminating the filibuster.

Now, SR-1 is the insane election legislation that would unconstitutionally federalize all of our elections and ban basic voter integrity laws, simple stuff like that voter ID. He also blocked efforts to abolish the filibuster.

And because of Manchin’s common sense, constitutional opposition to the radical socialist left’s power grab, well, his fellow Democrats, the media mob, they are now denouncing his moves as racist. Remember, the first rule of the far left and their politics, if you dare to oppose them in any way, you’re a racist.

But Joe Biden, he’s against, oh, let’s see, integration of schools, partners with a former Klansman, praises the former Klansman, and segregationist and doesn’t want our public schools to become racial jungles. He’s okay. He gets a pass.

Now, you have Congressman Mondaire Jones accusing Manchin of preserving Jim Crow, so did congresswoman, the real speaker of the house, Ocasio-Cortez. Congresswoman Omar suggesting that Manchin was participating in an effort to dismantle democracy. Social justice warrior Jemele Hill calling Manchin a, quote, power-hungry white dude who’s upholding white’s pharmacy.

Maybe this explains the terror and the fear of president sippy cup. Joe and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to ever on any occasion stand up to the radical squad.

Meanwhile, over at MSDNC, one host there touting his own theory that Senator Joe Manchin is not very bright and doesn’t understand math. Oh, you mean doesn’t agree with you? Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why should federal action be bipartisan while Republican action at a state level is totally partisan? It makes no sense, which means the GOP is waging asymmetric warfare on our democracy with Manchin’s permission and even encouragement.

Even if Democrats could get Manchin’s seven Republican pals to vote for S- 1, it wouldn’t be enough to get past his own beloved 60-vote filibuster threshold.

Maybe, as I’ve said before on this, Manchin is just not very bright. Maybe simple math is beyond him. Maybe he doesn’t understand what’s happening at a state level. That may be the most charitable explanation.


HANNITY: Remember what the left in America today, the New Green Deal socialist, there’s no room for freedom of speech, freedom of thought. There’s no difference of opinion allowed, no debate allowed. You submit fully and completely to their will, or they will label you a dumb racist. Those are pretty much their rules.

And, of course, their policies, we all know they are doomed to fail. Anytime it’s been tried, it has failed. Look at their policies at our border.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden called President Trump’s border policies and border wall racist.

2019, well, Biden encouraged migrants to come to the border and apply for asylum. They are listening to Joe now.

Now, shortly after entering the White House, Biden stopped all border wall construction. He ended the stay in Mexico policy, pretty much, you know, catch and release. It’s basically just released. He stopped the deportation order was now hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration is not only ignore the law of the land, this administration is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking and then transporting free of charge or basically your tax dollars illegal immigrants at states all across the country and forcing every state to take on illegal immigrants in the financial burden of food and water and shelter and health care and education.

And for the past four months, the southern border has experienced a record level surge, including tens and tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors. They were stored in cages that Joey built and, of course, in the middle of a pandemic on top of each other.

Biden then appointed Kamala Harris as his special border czar. Unfortunately, Harris has refused to even visit the border for herself. The situation is dire. We hear from people on the ground every day. Our own eyes show us that.

And, by the way, yesterday, she did head south to the country of Guatemala where she’s telling migrants, don’t come, we will enforce our laws. Which we all know is a lie. Take a look.


KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I want to be clear. To folks in this region who are thinking about making the dangerous track to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. One of our priorities will discourage illegal migration. I believe you come to our border, you will be turned back.


HANNITY: Meaningless words and lies.

Remember, back in 2017, it was Harris accusing the Trump administration of targeting migrants. Now she’s telling them not to come because the Biden administration is enforcing our immigration laws, our border walls — laws.

That’s a lie. We’re not doing anything of the sort. Instead of fixing the crisis, she’s trying to sweep it under the rug. She is in full denial. What shall try to do now, along with sippy cup, is bribe Latin American countries with your taxpayer money that likely the people in these countries will never see. And meanwhile, as we speak, we’ve got waves of migrants.

They are crossing illegally. They are immediately released into this country in exchange for a mere promise to show up at a court date if that appeared a lot of times they are just released without a court date.

And the radical left wants to offer something of great value. That would be amnesty. That rewards people that don’t respect our laws, don’t respect our sovereignty, don’t respect our borders. You’d think that we would enforce the law. If you don’t like the law, you can change it. You don’t get to pick and choose what laws you don’t like.

Now this all despite a brand-new 9-0 Supreme Court ruling that illegal immigration is that. It is in fact illegal. And thousands of illegal immigrants are ineligible to apply for permanent residence. Joey, you might want to listen to your Supreme Court when you wake up in the morning.

But don’t expect kamala’s fans and the media mob to ever fact-check her speech or what she saying or do any serious reporting at the border. Over the weekend, members of the press, they were just thrilled to get Kamala cookies above Air Force Two.

Take a look at your screen. That’s right, those cookies handed out by Kamala Harris made to look like Kamala Harris.

And on Saturday night, during the speech in North Carolina — well, President Trump, he waited perfectly outline what are the disastrous Biden administration policies and prosecuted the case as good as anybody. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT: Our border is wide open. Illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level that we’ve never seen before. This is over a period of a few months.

Drugs are pouring in. Gas prices are soaring. Our industries are being pillaged by foreign cyber attacks. That’s a lack of respect for our country and for our leaders.

And speaking of our leaders, they are bowing down to China. America is being demeaned and humiliated on the world stage.


HANNITY: That’s right, humiliated on the world stage. Our border is wide open. Illegal immigration is skyrocketing. Our country is less safe and less secure.

Joe Biden and his borders are Kamala Harris, are absolutely dishonest and clueless.

Here with a full report, what is really going on in Guatemala on the ground, investigative reporter, journalist, FOX News contributor Sara Carter.

Sara, you’ve been there all day. I didn’t hear a single word that was true that Kamala Harris was uttering today.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: That’s absolutely right, Sean. And if you talk to lead officials here in Guatemala City as well as senior officials throughout the country, we were in San Rafael, several hours from Guatemala City, they can tell you the same, that they don’t trust the United States, they don’t trust the funding that is coming to Guatemala and they say that it’s 30 years of a broken system, that just aids and abets nothing more than the drug cartels and human traffickers and corruption inside the city.

Earlier today and yesterday, when Vice President Kamala Harris flew in, there were over 300 people protesting outside of the airport where Air Force Two landed at the airport. And they were protesting. They belonged to groups, civilian groups, citizen groups, NGOs, saying that they want to trade, not aid. They did not want to be bribed.

And t he bigger concern here, Sean, too, is where the money is being allocated. They feel that where the money is being allocated, whether that’d be the commission to target anticorruption, that those commissions could be weaponized and used against political opponents.

This is a very tough time in Guatemala. This is a very tough time in Central America. And what they are hoping for is some bilateral talks that actually bring trade back to Central America so that we can see and stop the influx of people, migrants leaving this part of the world for the United States. They say they are very concerned about this but they’re not going to be able to resolve a problem unless the United States tells the truth, faces the facts and comes to terms with what’s happening here in the region.

HANNITY: And you’ve been reporting for us at the border. And everybody’s being processed and everybody’s being left in, the opposite of what she’s telling the people of Guatemala.

Do we know how much money she’s offering Guatemala, other countries in Latin America?

CARTER: Well, we know the full packages around $1.8 trillion to Guatemala. We’re looking at about $22 million in taxpayer funding, plus extra additional tens of millions of dollars of funding that’s going to be coming from various other private sector investments.

But when it comes to Guatemala, we’re looking at USAID and that’s the biggest concern here, how the money is going to be allocated from USAID to the various organizations and who’s going to take this money and what are they going to do with it. They don’t believe there is actually enough oversight.

I can tell you, Sean, that I was talking to people in villages just outside of Guatemala City and they say that the cartels are in full gear. They are charging people now $13,000 to $16,000 per person to make the trek into the United States. Those people are very poor and when they don’t have the money, they go into servitude.

I heard some pretty frightening stories. We are going to bring those to you tomorrow night, exclusively from Guatemala.

HANNITY: All right. Sara, thank you for that report from Guatemala tonight.

Now, the contrast between the political left and the right couldn’t be more clear. As we speak, President Trump is putting together his very own Contract with America, teaming up with the author of the original Contract with America, Newt Gingrich.

At the same time, Congressman Omar, well, she is actually preparing the United States to the Taliban and Hamas, demanding Americans be held accountable for our unspeakable atrocities.

Here with reaction, all of this, FOX News contributor, former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

I’ll let you weigh in on all of this. But if we don’t control our own borders, I don’t think we ever control our own destiny, do we?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No. Look, the train wreck that occupy the opening of your show is astounding. I mean, if it wasn’t actually happening, you and I couldn’t put it together. This is an administration that seems to be almost every day tearing down the United States in one form or another.

The budget he sent up is a surrender budget which guarantees that the Chinese ultimately will dominate us. The fact that they are opening the border this wide guarantees that we’re going to have ultimately millions of illegal immigrants.

You go through step-by-step — you know, New York has a law that there’s no bail. So, you perform armed robbery, they bring you to the police station, sign your name and you go back out again. We’re going to have a huge rise in crime and that affects real people.

The pictures you are showing are real people, and you’re looking at older women getting beaten up. You’re looking at — I think a 14-year-old getting shot. And the Biden administration just floats above it all with the aid and support of its media allies.

And I think this is going to rapidly become a bigger disaster than the Carter administration.

HANNITY: They’re not only allowing it. They’re facilitating it. They’re aiding and abetting. And in the dark of night, they are transporting illegal immigrants to states saying, here, you take care of the people but you’re not allowed to send them home. You’re not allowed legally to deport them.

So, now, they’re putting the financial burden on states and I haven’t even mentioned the drug cartels, human traffickers, the fentanyl, the heroin coming across the border as well.

GINGRICH: Look, I think — nobody’s yet — this might be worth an entire show by you sometime. But nobody has actually put together a portrait of the scale of the disaster.

For example, $900 million was stolen from Washington state apparently by Nigerians on the internet who are using identities that they had stolen. That was from the on appointment compensation. California, there were $32 billion or $33 billion, not million, billion dollar stolen apparently mostly by professional organized criminals.

The depth of corruption in this country, what we are seeing in New York, the degree to which Cuomo is a totally corrupt governor, all these things are going on simultaneously. Frankly, the corruption, the intellectual corruption we are seeing in the public health service, Fauci being on 78 sides of the same story — we really have to get a grip as a country on trying to bring ourselves back together and trying to understand, this is all real.


GINGRICH: This isn’t some game.

HANNITY: They want no bail laws. They want — they won’t call your riot a riot. They seem to have no problem with violence in many major cities. Wide open borders, they want full distribution of wealth. If ever there’s irreconcilable differences in issues, it’s now.

GINGRICH: Well, look, let me give you an example. They want no bail laws if you’re a normal violent criminal but as Julia Kelly has been reporting, they have no bail, none, for the people have been picked up on January 6th. We still have hundreds of Americans under conditions we wouldn’t tolerate at Guantanamo for terrorists, and I’m shocked that the Congress has not insisted on looking at the rights that are be totally abused.

But this is a — this is the most political administration I’ve ever seen. It is deliberately distorting the law, deliberately abusing its power.

HANNITY: We both agree — we’ve got to protect our institutions and our elected officials. And January 6th can’t happen again. But we had —


HANNITY: — up to — upwards of 275 riots that took place that no Democrat, nobody in the media wanted to even call a riot.

Last word? You have 30 seconds.

GINGRICH: Yeah. All I’ll say, it’s very simple, that this country will not survive in competing with the Chinese with the kind of system that is now evolving, and all Americans of every background, whatever your ideology, whatever your party, you’re going to have to make a really big decision. If you’re willing to tolerate this, plan to look up to the Chinese and kowtow to Xi Jinping. If you want to remain free, plant to really change dramatically how this country is being run.

HANNITY: All right. Mr. Speaker, thank you. Good to see you as always.

Tonight, the midterm election to starting to heat up. Over the weekend, President Trump endorsed GOP Congressman Ted Budd for North Carolina Senate race.

And in Alaska, well, anti-Trump, anti-Kavanaugh, anti-oil energy gas and comment, she’s barely lifted a finger to help her state, Lisa Murkowski, is now facing a serious challenge for political outsider named Kelly Tshibaka.

Kelly joins us now, along with FOX News contributor Lara Trump.

Kelly, welcome to the program.

You know, it’s amazing that the citizens of your great state of Alaska — and I love all my — “Life Below Zero”, “Deadliest Catch”. I am addicted to the rugged individualists that live in your state.

And — but — actually, if you’re a citizen of Atlanta (ph), you get a check from the state on natural resources. Joe now has shut down ANWR. He’s doing everything he can to stop energy production. That is directly impacting your state. And you have Lisa Murkowski who seems to be more like Chuck Schumer than any other Republican.

So, you’re challenging her.

KELLY TSHIBAKA, GOP CANDIDATE FOR UNITED STATES SENATE FROM ALASKA: That’s right, Sean. Joe Biden is doing exactly what we expected him to do. He promised to kill our resource industry in Alaska.

What’s troubling is that Lisa Murkowski is enabling the Biden administration. It’s hurting our workers. It’s hurting our economy. It’s hurting our environment.

And that’s not the only thing that Joe Biden has killed. When he stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline, Canada turned around just weeks later and killed our Alaska cruise industry.

Lisa Murkowski has been enabling this administration the entire time. She’s a goliath. We’re taking her on.

We need your help, America. Please donate at KellyforAK.com. But, Sean, we’re serious.


All right. Lara Trump, I guess I can’t ask the same question, because I have an answer to the question, because you spoke when the president was in North Carolina over the weekend.

I know you gave this serious thought. For now, magic words I thought, you have taken yourself out of contention to run for the primary in the state of — your home state of North Carolina.

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, and you’re right, Sean, it was a really tough decision to make. I love my home state. I would love to have been able to run for the seat.

But being a mom right now is going to come first for me. And having two young kids, one and three, I couldn’t be the mom to them that I feel I need to be in want to be, nor do I feel like I could be the senator that North Carolina deserves right now should I have been elected.

So you’re right, I said it’s no for now but not no forever because we’ll see what happens in the future. You never know. Hey, Donald Trump became president. You never know what could happen.

But we did have a great endorsement by my father-in-law of Ted Budd, as you alluded to in the beginning of the segment. I got to campaign for Ted in 2018 when he was running for Congress. He’s a great guy. He’s a former businessman like my father-in-law, running for the forgotten man and woman in America, really the American first policy, and that’s what we are all about.

Heading into `22 and ’24, we need to make sure we are focused on candidates that are putting America first.

HANNITY: Liberty, freedom, capitalism, our Constitution, we believe in low taxes, less bureaucracy, school choice, health care, free market solutions, protect pre-existing conditions, law and order, energy independence, constitutionalist on the bench, secure borders, free and fair trade and peace through strength.

Kelly, am I missing a lot? To me, that’s about it.

TSHIBAKA: I think you covered it. I would wrap it up as courage and common sense. It’s missing from senators to CEOs in America. Donald Trump captures it and what he says at the North Carolina convention. But it is in the hearts of every American. And we definitely have it in the hearts of every Alaskan. That’s what we need in this country.

HANNITY: Yeah, I don’t see — I’ve seen three waves of conservatism in my lifetime, Laura. One, Ronald Reagan. Two, we just had on Newt Gingrich. Three is Donald Trump.

That to me now is the modern-day conservative agenda. Republicans like Lisa Murkowski that are RINO Republicans that don’t fight for these principles. I don’t see any need for them in the Republican Party. They’re weak. They’re ineffective.

And in the case of Lisa Murkowski, she’s not even fighting for her state.

L. TRUMP: Yeah, when you’re no longer representing the people that elected you, I have a hunch those people are probably going to want to get rid of view and elect somebody that is working on your behalf.

I mean, my goodness. We have found ourselves now in place, a year plus after COVID, we’ve got to have people that are fighting for the future of America.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running this country into the ground. We need Republicans who are going to stand up and stand for America and Americans and fight, fight, fight. So, you’ve got that right.

HANNITY: All right. Lara, thank you.

Kelly, we’re going to follow your race closely. Thank you.

Up next, fake news CNN, they are embracing their role with great love is an arm of the new Green Deal Democratic socialist party. The media mob refuses to ask sippy cup the hard questions we all want answered.

So I will do it for Humpty Dumpty and company and Mike Huckabee and Kayleigh McEnany.

And, later, much more. Larry Elder, Leo Terrell, shocking violence all weekend long.


HANNITY: Tonight, fake news CNN is totally, completely embracing their role as an arm of the Biden White House and the New Green Deal Democratic socialists in ways like we’ve never seen before. For example, yesterday, you had Mr. Potato Head stenographer, that’s Humpty Dumpty, he’s the guy in the far side of your screen, yeah, lobbing softball after softball question at press secretary, former CNN employee, circle back Jen Psaki, in a total sycophantic way, just an arm of the Democratic Party in their press office, including this hard-hitting question — what does the press get wrong covering Biden? I’ll give you the real answer after this.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN HOST: Busy summer ahead, infrastructure, election reform. What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you watch the news, when you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, look, I think some of our muscles have atrophied a little bit over the last few years and there isn’t a lot of memory, recent memory or longer memory on how long it takes to get legislation forward, or how messy the process of negotiating and the process of getting legislation across the finish line can be.


HANNITY: And, of course, it gets even worse from there because the interview wouldn’t be complete without a cheap shot as always for those 24/7 all things Hannity and FOX News, and Humpty was widely, rightly mocked for his embarrassing display and he calls himself a journalist.

He truly believes he’s a journalist which he’s not. He’s a dishonest partisan hack and if Humpty Dumpty even had an ounce of integrity, he would’ve asked about oh, I’ll give you some questions, how about president sippy cup Biden and Psaki can answer these, like we’ve got pictures last week of Joe Biden as vice president’s meeting with Hunter Biden’s foreign partners, you know, the same Joe Biden that denied, we played it over and over again three separate times, that he’s never one time ever talked to zero experience Hunter about his foreign business dealings.

Also you may want to ask Joe, when you partnered with the former Klansman, praised him, praised segregationists, when you partnered with the former Klansman to stop the integration of public schools and school busing and use said that you didn’t want our schools to become racial jungles, is that racist, Joe?

You can ask Joe, why didn’t he lift a finger? He’s represented the state of Delaware, think about 5,000 years, and not one time did he lift a finger to change the voting laws that are draconian in Delaware and make them far less restrictive than the state of Georgia where he says it’s Jim Crow 2.0. What does that mean, Delaware that has no early in-state voting, in person voting? Has no drop boxes, demands photo ID and I can go on and on.

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor Mike Huckabee, along with “Outnumbered” co-host, former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

I don’t know, Kayleigh, did you ever get a hard-hitting question like that?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, FOX CO-HOST, “OUTNUMBERED”: Of course, I didn’t, from Brian Stelter, who is a leftist lapdog and not a serious journalist, I think anyone can discern from that clip you played.

But, Brian, I wish he would’ve given me a question like that, what are you doing wrong as a press? Well, let me give you a clue, Brian, maybe asking about Joe Biden’s dog from the White House press briefing room, asking about Joe Biden’s cat, asking about what Joe Biden things about the color scheme on Air Force One and on day one, how he felt walking the Oval?

We did not get questions like that. The question I received is is the president glad that the South lost the civil war. It was that kind of inane, ludicrous coverage of the Trump administration that stands in such stark contrast to what the press is doing wrong in Joe Biden’s America.

HANNITY: Now, Governor Huckabee, I’m a talk show host. I’m very up about what a talk show host is. I’m a member of the press. I do straight news. I can produce thousands of hours.

I do investigative reporting. I can produce thousands of hours, radio and TV.

I give strong opinion. I’m outspoken, up front, I say that I’m a conservative. We do culture. We do sports.

I’m a talk show — I’m like the entire newspaper. I do it all.

But they say they’re journalists. Big difference.

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Gee, I’ve never known you to be that opinionated, Sean. You’ve always been an objective individual. But I’ll have to listen more carefully —


HANNITY: Well, I’m so opinionated that I think your daughter is going to be the best governor in the history of Arkansas. I’m just saying.

HUCKABEE: I know, you say it every stinking time I talk to you.

HANNITY: Every time.

HUCKABEE: Here was Brian Stelter’s question. He basically was saying this to Jen Psaki — Jen, what flavor of syrup would you like for us to pour on your pancakes because, honey, we just need to make it as sweet as possible for you?

This is the guy that took a picture of himself not wearing pants when he was doing one of his skits (ph) on television. Most people when they get exposed like that, it’s because the camera accidentally tilted down. He actually did it on purpose because he was really proud of that.

And if he had taken a look at that picture, he wouldn’t have been that proud. But his ratings are down 53 percent just since January. I mean, this is the guy whose career has collapsed.

I don’t think, Sean, you’ve got anything to worry about. Brian is slipping up on you. Don’t worry about it. And respectfully, if he ever takes his pants off again, his career is over.

HANNITY: OK, OK, the visual, I can’t take it. You are chasing my audience away.

The image is going to be seared into the minds of this audience.

But your point is well taken. And the reality is, though, three broadcast networks, two cable channels, most major newspapers, and let’s be honest, we’re — we’re in the minority even here at Fox. Not everybody at Fox agrees with Sean Hannity. Actually a few people that probably hates Sean Hannity but don’t have the guts to actually say it publicly which I wouldn’t care if they did, Kayleigh.

MCENANY: Yeah, let me first say, I’m going to have nightmares being reminded multiple times of Brian Stelter without pants. So, thank you for that, Governor Huckabee.

But that aside, you’re exactly right, Sean. Look, the fact that there is an entire press briefing that went by after Fauci’s emails came out and there was not one question about Dr. Fauci’s explosive emails until the next briefing when FOX News was in the room.

This is called investigative journalism. It’s called your job and the press doesn’t do it day after day after day. And it is shameful.

HANNITY: All right. Good to see you both. And I stand by my prediction.

The best governor in Arkansas’ history will be Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sorry. Just saying.

MCENANY: Amen to that.


HANNITY: I’m a talk show host, a member of the press. I can give opinions.

All right. Straight ahead, speaking of opinion, flip-flop Fauci better call a lawyer. Gregg Jarrett, Dr. Marty Makary, they’ll join us next.

And violence all over blue state America this weekend. Larry, Leo, they react to all of it caught on tape, straight ahead.


HANNITY: And tonight, still more questions than answers surrounding Dr. Doom and Gloom Flip-flop Fauci, and just how much he knew about the credibility of the lab leak theory and just how much he knew about your money, your taxpayer dollars going to gain of function research because as we told you last week, his email show that he was warned early that this could have originated in that lab in Wuhan, and it appears to have held urgent talks about the origins of the virus in the early days of coronavirus.

For example, Fauci sent an email to a top staffer in early February 2020 after he’d been told it looks like we see the genome that this was in fact gain of function and human engineered. And anyone, this one said, it is essential we speak this morning. Keep your cell phone on. Read his paper as well. The email that I will forward you now with an attachment entitled, Barrick, Shi, nature medicine, SARS, gain of function PDF.

Interestingly enough — interestingly enough, Baric refers to Dr. Ralph Baric, an American virologist who worked with the Wuhan lab.

But here’s what Fauci said when he was asked about the Dr. Baric by Senator Rand Paul.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NIAID: Dr. Baric does not do gain of function research and if it is, it’s according to the guidelines and it’s being conducted in North Carolina. Not in China.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): You don’t think inserting a bad virus spike protein that he got from the Wuhan institute into the SARS virus is gain of function? That is not a minority because at least 200 scientists have signed a statement from the Cambridge Working Group saying that it is gain of function.

FAUCI: Well, it is not. And if you look at the grant and you look at the progress reports, it is not to gain of function, despite the fact that people tweet that.


HANNITY: That’s why Rand Paul says that Dr. Fauci absolutely lied.

Early on, we tried to give Fauci the benefit of the doubt. None of us knew all this was going on. We didn’t know he was funding with his NIH money that lab in Wuhan.

But it’s been one flip-flop, one fail after another, one misdirection after another. Now it appears, one lie after another.

These emails provide growing evidence that the lab leak theory had credibility, problems from the start and Fauci was warned and Fauci repeatedly consciously downplayed it repeatedly and was not straight with you, the American people.

Here with reaction, FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. John Hopkins professor Dr. Marty Makary is with us, author of the book “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care and How to Fix It”, which is out in paper back tomorrow.

Doctor, let me ask you. When you these emails and then you go back and look at the testimony of Dr. Fauci, do you believe he was lying?

DR. MARTY MAKARY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, one thing that’s clear is that gain of function research is an issue where some scientists are for it and others are against it. Dr. Fauci is in the minority who have been for it. He gave numerous lectures at different universities, different conferences where he made the case as to the value of doing gain of function research. Those labs were clearly doing gain of function research.

But he’s careful with his words, Sean. He knows how to parse the words. He might say our money was not going to gain of function research. We don’t know exactly where that $1 went when it went over there. It may have gone to the test tubes and not to the administrative side. Who knows?

But it’s going to be hard for them to explain the 2015 paper in “Nature” and the 2017 paper in “Plus” (ph) that claimed that they did the gain of function and cited the NIH funding in their research articles.

HANNITY: Gregg, I don’t know. I remember that there was a guy by the name of Roger Stone, process crime. Even though the Inspector General Horowitz referred top FBI officials for investigation because of lying to Congress.

Anyway, if Dr. Fauci lied to congress, which these emails seem to show, would that be a violation of the law?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Absolutely. Lying to Congress is a crime no matter how you look at it. You know, Fauci repeatedly testified that the hundreds of thousands of dollars to be funneled through third party to this Wuhan lab was never used for gain of function research. Yet the newly unearthed emails as you point out, Sean, belie that. It shows he was warned early on, January 2020, at the outset of the pandemic, that this had the genetic fingerprints of the deadly virus that had been manipulated and created inside the lab.

And Fauci in the emails is deeply worried and concerned that in fact he may have caused or contributed through funding gain of function research that may have created a superbug that killed 3.5 million people worldwide and more than half a million Americans.

You know, he wasn’t under oath, so you can’t charged with perjury. Doesn’t matter. You charge them under 18 USC 1001, false and misleading statements to Congress. On top of that —

HANNITY: Look, the only people that get charged with crimes, Gregg, are conservatives. If you —


JARRETT: Michael Cohen, for example, you know, was charged, Donald Trump’s lawyer. So, you know, don’t look for a Biden Justice Department to do anything but engage in a wholesale whitewash of this.

HANNITY: Yeah, equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws is gone.

Last word, doctor, do you support any gain of function research going forward? Because Dr. Fauci even said in 2012, even if it means we get a worldwide pandemic, he is still in favor of it. I think that’s pretty dumb.

MAKARY: Yeah, he’s been advocating for the value of gain of function research for a while. That’s been well known.

No, we should not ever be doing gain of function research. With or without gain of function research, we should not be characterizing coronavirus’ and certainly not doing it in China.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you, Gregg Jarrett.

Now, a huge crime wave all weekend long, getting work every weekend, disrespect for the police that an all-time high. Larry, Leo will give you the low lights of this weekend. It was bad, straight ahead.


HANNITY: From coast-to-coast, more shocking anti-police behavior and violence caught on tape this weekend, just look at the recent footage out of Chicago. Look at this crowd — jumping right on top of the squad car, surrounding the vehicle, dancing and other unruly behavior. No respect for the police at all.

Imagine trying to be a police officer and doing your job in this environment. Imagine trying to keep communities safe in that environment, stopping violent crime in the environment and it gets worse. Look at this attack on the southern California gas station where a woman is sucker punched, assaulted in an apparent unprovoked attack in broad daylight. Police confirm the suspect has been arrested.

And on Venice Beach, another instance of violence crime. An elderly street performer seen being punched on Sunday in a seemingly random attack. Here in New York, authorities are asking the public for information after a suspect in Queens shot a 29-year-old male and killed 10-year-old kid on Saturday night.

Over the weekend, cops chased down a mob through New York’s West Village after 22 arrests in Washington square park over 10:00 p.m. curfew. In Jacksonville, Florida, police officers being attacked and thrown to the ground Thursday night while trying to dispense a crowd following reports of gunfire. Thankfully the officer was not seriously injured.

Now, this all comes as the number of police shot this year and killed, a whopping 128 killed in action. As defund and dismantle police movements now are making every city less safe and way more violent.

Here with reaction, syndicated radio talk show host Larry Elder, along with Leo 2.0 Terrell.

Larry, we start with you tonight. It’s getting worse. We still have a harder push to defund, dismantle, and no bail. So, obviously, people — I would argue these policies, Larry, are making everything worse.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONAL SYNDICATD HOST: This is entirely predictable, Sean. You reduce the odds of a criminal being caught, being convicted, and being incarcerated, crime is going to go up.

And in Chicago, the former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, said because of the attacks against the police, because of this movement to demonize the police, the police have, quote, gone feudal, close quote — his term, not mine.

Now, Sean, I notice looking at the video, a number of the people in the streets are young people and one might ask why aren’t these young people, many of them are school-aged, college aged, why aren’t they investigating themselves? Why are they doing homework?

And the answer is real simple. Homework is hard. It’s boring, it’s tedious. And if you’re telling young people no matter what you do or how hard you work, systemic racism is going to hold you back, why put in the long, boring hours to invest in yourself?

There’s nothing worse than taking away young persons initiative and that’s exactly what this Black Lives Matter movement has done.

HANNITY: And without the police, young people are going to — more and more will die, Leo.

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, yeah, Sean. Let me just say right now, it’s open season on police officers. You have government sanctioned criminal activity. Every city that you show, you don’t see any response from the mayor, from the district attorney, from the chief of police.

It is government-sanctioned criminal activity and it’s going to get worse because Joe Biden is going to keep the pandemic around front and center. You’ve not heard a peep out of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris about the crime in Democratic cities. Why? Because what you’re witnessing —


HANNITY: But they want to talk about January 6th. That was one day.

TERRELL: All the time, all the time.

HANNITY: There are 300 riots last summer. Look at what’s happening every night here. Both are wrong but they don’t acknowledge that. Why?

TERRELL: Because this is their base. That’s the Democratic base. If they go after them, they go after their own constituents. That’s why they don’t say a word. Crickets, absolutely crickets.

HANNITY: It’s — you know what? We are going to watch all summer. This continues. People will die but we won’t learn the people’s names that die, like we don’t hear the names of people —

TERRELL: Except here, except here.

HANNITY: Larry, Leo, thank you both.

A crazy moment in sports yesterday. Our video of the day, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right video of the day. Members of the men’s U.S. national soccer team being harassed and assaulted during 3-2 win against Mexico on Sunday night. Here you can see one Team USA player getting hit in the face with a bottle while he celebrated with his teammates and the game was also halted earlier in the night when team Mexico fans were using homophobic chants.

All right. My heart’s troubled but we — Laura, take it anyway. Laura, big show tonight.

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