Sexy Love Island challenge sees the girls dress up as cats and dive into milk

Finding the perfect partner can be dog eat dog, but on tonight’s Love Island it’s more of a game of cat and mouse.

As part of a special challenge, the girls get to show how they’re feline about the lads they’re coupled up with, dressing up in animal print swimming costumes and headbands with cute pointy ears.

They have to climb through a giant cat flap then dive in to a bowl of milk before retrieving their ‘mouse’ from a cage, who is waiting for them on a giant trap.

Which animals would you like to see the Love Islanders dress up as next? Tell us in the comments below!

Bombshell AJ does her best cat walk as part of the saucy challenge

Speaking in the Beach Hut with Liberty after the challenge, Jake says: “It was really sexy and I enjoyed the snog!”

Fans have been loving Jake and Liberty’s electric chemistry, but one ex-Islander has revealed that there is a pair in the villa who are even more red hot.

After being dumped from the villa on Monday night, bombshell Rachel Finn took to social media to hint that the popular dating show is heavily edited and reveals that she thinks Millie Court and Liam Reardon are the ones to watch as the series continues.

The boys are made to dress up as mice - there are no love rats in the villa... yet
The boys are made to dress up as mice – there are no love rats in the villa… yet

The 29-year-old travel specialist took to Instagram Stories yesterday to chat with her fans and answer their questions about the ITV2 reality TV show and her time on the island.

Posting a question box, titled “Send in your questions x”, the star’s 41.3 thousand follower inundated the Love Island beauty with queries about her short-lived stay in the famous Majorca villa.

She continued, revealing the one thing she does regret from her time on the hit show.

The girls dress up as cats and emerge through a cat flap
The girls dress up as cats and emerge through a cat flap

“I’d say my biggest regret is not grafting enough with other people – despite what you all may think,” she told her followers during the candid Q&A.

Rachel then goes on to rate her Love Island experience a “mother loving 10” on a scale of 1-10 and reveal who she tips to take home the £50,000 prize fund.

“Honey, it’s Love Island you can never predict,” she tells the follower who asked for her winners prediction.

“Maybe the winners aren’t even in there yet? I’m definitely rooting for Liam and Millie like, watching them get to where they are like – that chemistry is unmatched, honestly.”

* Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub